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Community is a group of people with common interests.

The audience / customers / subscribers and the community are NOT the same thing. A company can have a huge number of customers, but not have a community, and vice versa.

Community criteria

  • The presence of common interests;
  • Regular communication on the resource pages;
  • Personal interaction between participants;
  • Awareness by members of the community of their belonging to it;
  • Users get certain roles and images.

In stable Internet communities, their own slang is formed over time and local memes, stickers and other attributes appear. Their presence can be considered an important, but not at all mandatory criterion.

History of the term

The concept of "community" has become an official and widely used term since 2007. It is believed that the first creators of the community were the developers of network computer online games.

Now, despite its diversity, the most widespread and developing communities on the Internet continue to be.

Communities of professionals become market regulators in various fields. In them, specialists are trained and developed, alliances, product and company brands are formed, new ideas and solutions for the development of the industry are born.

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