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Ecosystem is one of the basic concepts of ecology. An ecosystem is a biological system consisting of a community of living organisms, their habitat, a system of connections that carries out the exchange of substances and energy between them.

Business ecosystem

Business ecosystem is a set of own or partner services united around one company. The ecosystem can be centered around one area of the client's life or penetrate several of them at once.

In the early 1990s, James Moore created the concept of a business ecosystem, which is now widely used in the high-tech community.

DecimalChain Ecosystem

DecimalChain is also an ecosystem consisting of all tokens created on the basis of the Decimal blockchain, services and applications. Being created on the basis of Tendermint, the Decimal blockchain can be part of Cosmos ecosystem and all blockchains compatible with it.

Being a development owned by the BitTeam Group of companies, DecimalChain is part of an ecosystem that includes the BitTeam exchanger, the BitTeam exchange, multi—currency software with the SpaceBot staking function, the Coinmarketrate rating agency and other auxiliary services, software and bots.

The list of products, applications and software will grow, expanding the ecosystem and its capabilities for users.