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Decimal Wiki is a free international internet encyclopedia about DecimalChain and other blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Our Philosophy

From the very beginning of working on the blockchain, the Decimal team sees its mission not only as providing users with a convenient, easy-to-learn, and highly efficient tool for working in the cryptocurrency market but also forming a broad community that unites professionals, specialists, experts, and newcomers in the field of cryptocurrency. The purpose of such a community is to create an environment for exchanging ideas and knowledge, as well as channels for informing everyone interested in new technologies, products, and blockchain solutions.

To achieve this, an active information infrastructure is being developed based on DecimalChain: in addition to the official website and blog, we maintain channels on social networks (such as Telegram decimalchain) and on YouTube, blogs on, Medium, and VKontakte, various digests, as well as a repository of references and documents Decimal DOCS.

The wiki encyclopedia is an important element of our information and social strategy. The wiki technology provides operators of the crypto market, application developers, experts, and enthusiasts with the opportunity to independently create pages about their products, present their teams, and promote promising ideas. It should be noted that in most existing wiki projects (such as Wikipedia), the administration policy explicitly or indirectly prohibits creators of startups and software solutions from writing about themselves and their projects. In Decimal Wiki, not only is this allowed, but it is actively encouraged—this is exactly why it exists.

If you are a developer of decentralized software, a cryptocurrency market expert, a blockchain enthusiast—feel free to become our author and help turn Decimal Wiki into a popular and authoritative resource on crypto economics!

About Our Wiki

Our encyclopedia is based on the wiki technology and uses the MediaWiki engine. The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wikiwiki, meaning "quick-quick". A wiki site is a collection of interconnected records, united by an environment for rapid hypertext interaction.

Decimal Wiki implements a model of collective hypertext, where the creation and editing of records are provided to each member of the online community. At the same time, considering the professional status of our encyclopedia, the site has a system of moderation for edits. Active and conscientious authors eventually receive the status of moderators and, together with the administration, have the opportunity to control the quality and appropriateness of the content.

When using a wiki, a person does not need to worry about knowing HTML tags. The text of any page is interpreted by the program as hypertext. The author of the article only needs to learn a few simple wiki markup elements to start writing high-quality, beautifully formatted articles.

Comparative analysis of a website and a wiki site
Website Wiki Site
Content is managed by one person Content is managed by a community
Design matters Design doesn't matter
Requires knowledge of HTML tags Requires knowledge of simple wiki tags
When updating the site, the previous information is erased All site pages remain in the database
For each page within the site, you can get a list of pages it refers to For each page, you can get a list of those it refers to and a list of pages that refer to it
The site map is created centrally The site map is created automatically and reflects the interests of community members

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