Tangem x Decimal

Decimal provides a wide range of decentralized wallets with high level of security, including “Decimal Wallet” (Web, iOS, Android) – a mobile wallet with authorization by seed phrase and the ability to set pin-code or biometric protection. For those who need to store and manage multiple assets with Hardware wallet – we have prepared the … Read more

Digest. August.

Autumn has come, a new time for all crypto holders.  Let’s summarise the results of the past August together, enjoy reading! Decimal’s birthday: the big draw and news for the year. This month was a busy month for Decimal, as it started with its birthday. On August 1, the blockchain turned 3 years old and … Read more

Decimal Roadmap. Changes to come

Decimal blockchain has been continuously improved throughout the time and currently the goals set by the team have been achieved. But, our ambitions do not allow us to stop at the achieved results and in this article we will share our plans, some of which are already on the roadmap of the project, and some … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community! Here we are, another hot week is over. We recommend taking your bearings to the beach this weekend and bringing an umbrella, but in the meantime, let’s summarize the past week’s Friday Digest! From MidJourney to Journey The MidJourney Free team is already in the process of training their own model called “FreeJourney”. … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community! How was your work week? We hope you’re resting up by now and we’ve prepared a digest in the meantime, let’s summarize the week! New site Decimal got a unique and important opportunity, namely access to the Binance Feed social network, which is built into the Binance app and allows you to publish the … Read more


Decimal continues to gain momentum and recognition, as indicated by Decimal’s frequent mentions on major news platforms and magazines. This time Decimal was tweeted and mentioned on Twitter and in his Telegram channel by dexwirenews.com, a major columnist of decentralized exchanges with more than 5k readers on Twitter. And the article has already been reposted … Read more

The second round of the DDAO has been completed

Community! The second of five rounds of the DDAO control token issue ended today! Hash: https://explorer.decimalchain.com/transactions/CDFE2DBFCC81FBA6C1DDC129E85835A789647CC0F542D55126BF39E44F857958 It’s been 45 days and according to the roadmap we are closing the second round. 360mn DDAO has been redeemed. The price at the start of the second round was 1 DEL = 1.1557 DDAO; Current price of 1 … Read more

Decimal x Binance Feed

За этот год показатели активности наших социальных сетей кратно выросли, за что мы благодарны нашему сообществу. Все важные для компании метрики близки к максимальным результатам, что также подтверждено отчетом CertiK, в котором социальный рейтинг за несколько месяцев вырос с 60 до 94 баллов из 100 возможных. Основной фокус по продвижению сейчас сконцентрирован на Twitter, где … Read more

Join us in celebrating DECIMAL’S 3RD ANNIVERSARY

A celebratory digest of news on the Decimal blockchain’s three-year anniversary. Hello community! Today we would like to congratulate you on Decimal’s birthday. Traditionally, we will say a few nice words and note the achievements of our birthday boy this year, and then we will move on to the most pleasant thing – presents.   … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Community! By now, you must be unspeakably happy that the week is over and the coveted weekend is coming? We are too! But let’s summarize the week’s results first – Friday Digest! DUSD Launch There was a successful launch of DUSD. Thanks to the launch of DEX, specifically AmpleSwap and the verification of its contract … Read more

DUSD’s launch

As you’ve noticed, the news is coming one after another – this is due to the approaching crypto season, which usually runs from August to January. So it is with us, over the summer we have done a lot of work and now the fruits of our labors are appearing. In the announcement of the launch … Read more

Decimal x AmpleSwap

Community! The most attentive of you have already read about this news, and those who are subscribed to our Twitter have known about this important news for the project for almost a week. A full-fledged DEX is launching on the Decimal Smart Chain blockchain! Earlier we announced this event and while colleagues from dels.io are … Read more

$DEL coin will be listed at TapBit

Earlier in the article we reported that we have two agreements with excellent Tier-2 exchanges, after which we started negotiations with Binance and decided to postpone the listings. Now we are actively working on increasing market liquidity and making DEL more attractive for trading, for this purpose we have resumed the integration process and are … Read more

Decimal x Zealy

We continue to venture into the WEB3 space and invite you to join us. No complicated activities this Monday, but undoubtedly useful and contributing to the advancement of Decimal. Zealy is an interactive quest space for web3 communities where users can interact with their favorite projects and earn points. And Decimal is now available on … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Here we are, another week has flown by, let’s spend it and summarize the week. More sunshine for you, and we’ve got Friday Digest! Twitter on ON CoinMarketCap, whose Twitter feed has more than 5.9 million readers, published its Weekly Market Outlook. In one of the TOPs, namely “TOP Gainers”, Decimal was ranked #3. Importantly, … Read more