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Decimal Calc (link) is a software created by the validator DecimalSchool, with the participation of validators RRU.ONE and DecimalPro.

The main task of the software is to answer the question: How many new DEL coins will I earn from delegating to DecimalChain validators?

Thanks to the calculator, anyone can choose a validator, specify the balance that they want to delegate and get a calculation based on the following parameters:

  1. Number of coins per day from the delegated stack
  2. The number of coins per month from the delegated stack
  3. Conversion of DEL into rubles at the current exchange rate
  4. Conversion of rubles into dollars


The parameters in the network are taken from yesterday, so there may be some inaccuracies, it is also impossible to calculate the exact figure, since it is unknown how many blocks your validator signed, how many validators signed each block and whether other validators received fines.

The data that you will see in the calculator shows you the ideal generation of new coins in validators and the numbers will change up or down, depending on the current state of the network.


1) Go to the website

2) Enter in the field “Your balance“ the number in DEL coins that you want to delegate

3) Click on the field “Validator fee” where it says „DecimalSchool“ and choose a validator from the list

4) Click the “Calculate” button and get the results after delegating the selected amount to the selected validator