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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

The DecimalChain cross-chain is a blockchain bridge from the Decimal blockchain to the Ethereum one and from the Decimal blockchain to the blockchain of Binance Smart Chain.

All transfers of "wrapped" tokens are initiated in the DecimalChain console. You can send the tokens of the DecimalChain network to either of the two blockchains and return them from there. Also, you can send the tokens of the DecimalChain network to the Ethereum network and from there to the Binance Smart Chain network, or vice versa, the tokens of the DecimalChain network to the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and from there to Ethereum, and then back to the DecimalChain.

Pay attention!  In any case, tokens must be sent from DecimalChain first.


1 step:

Create a MetaMask wallet with the same seed phrase (mnemonic phrase) the same as your wallet in DecimalChain, from which you are going to initiate a cross-chain exchange.

Direct link to MetaMask in the Chrome web store:

step 2:

Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain according to the instructions on the Binance Academy.

NOTE: When creating a MetaMask, when you log in answer "No, I already have an initial phrase" and use your phrase from your DecimalChain wallet to log in to MetaMask when you get the question from the system "Is it your first time in MetaMask?".

NOTE: In order to make a cross-chain exchange, it is necessary to have a balance at all addresses of blockchains participating in the exchange to pay network commissions. All fees are paid by the sender.


Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain:

Hint: The description, fees and step-by-step actions when working with the DecimalChain cross-chain are described in more detail on the website in the FAQ section: Crosschain swap

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