Cross-chain swap in the Decimal blockchain is the transfer of a coin from the DecimalChain (D) to the Ethereum network (E) or the Binance Smart Chain (B), and vice versa (read additional condition below). The coin is moved from one blockchain to another.

Possible transfer directions:

  • D > E
  • E > D
  • D > B
  • B > D
  • B > E
  • E > B

Any Decimal coin can be sent to the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain network.

The source blockchain is always the Decimal blockchain. In other words, it is not possible to deposit coins from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains into Decimal if the coin did not exist in Decimal and was not sent to these blockchains before.  
On the other hand, if the coin was created in Decimal and initially sent to the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain network, it can be brought back to Decimal.  
There is no exchange rate for this operation. If you send 10 DEL (Decimal), you will receive 10 DEL (Ethereum) in the target blockchain.  
Or, 50 DEL (Ethereum) > 50 DEL (Binance Smart Chain), and so on.  
Again, cross-chain swap is not the exchange of different coins, it is the transfer of a coin to another blockchain. Send DEL - receive DEL in the target blockchain.

Important: The sender always pays the full fee for the cross-chain swap, namely the fee for two transactions: in the source and target blockchains.  
Therefore, the sender's addresses in both the source and target blockchains must have sufficient funds (DEL, ETH, BNB) to cover the network fees.  
The recipient does not pay anything. The funds will be delivered to their address, even if their balance is zero.

The cross-chain swap consists of three stages:

  1. Transaction in the source blockchain;
  2. Preparation of the transaction in the target blockchain;
  3. Sending the transaction in the target blockchain.

These stages are automated. The sender only needs to specify the recipient's address, select the coin, indicate the amount to send, and confirm the swap.

To manage the funds received from the cross-chain swap, you need to authorize with your mnemonic phrase in the corresponding blockchain.

Step-by-step Cross-chain Exchange Guide:

  1. Sign in to the Decimal Console;
  2. Go to the Cross-chain tab;
  3. The interface for selecting the exchange direction is displayed, with the following options:
  • D > E
  • E > D
  • D > B
  • B > D
  • B > E
  • E > B
  1. Select the source blockchain, select the target blockchain;
  2. After selecting the swap direction, you can click a button with arrows to change the direction to the opposite;
  3. A bit below, 2 sender addresses are displayed (in the respective blockchains, with a button to view the balances) - once again, the sender must have funds in DEL, ETH, BNB on both addresses to cover the network fees;
  4. On the same page, the history of previously created swaps is displayed, with links to transactions in the block explorer;
  5. Click the Create Swap button;
  6. You will be taken to the swap creation window, where:
  • Select the coin to send;
  • Specify the amount of coins;
  • Specify the recipient's address in the target blockchain.
  1. The creation is complete. Click the Create button;
  2. A modal window opens with swap details (direction, sender and recipient addresses, fee amount, ...);
  3. Click Confirm;
  4. In the opened modal window, you will see the automatic progress of the swap stages;
  5. At the end of the transactions, links to the transactions in the source and target blockchains will be provided;
  6. The funds have been sent, make sure they are delivered to the recipient.

How to send to your address in another blockchain?

Copy the address in the corresponding network and specify it as the recipient. 
This address (for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain) is specified on the first page of the cross-chain swap. 
Since you have the mnemonic phrase, you can manage the funds in all three networks.

Cross-chain swap cannot be cancelled. Once it is created, it can only be completed, and the funds will be delivered to the recipient.