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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

Conversion is the process of exchanging any coins of the Decimal network for each other. To buy / sell coins on the network, some special service is not required, since the conversion is built-in and performed in the user's console and wallet.

Coin conversion on the console

To make the exchange:

  1. select a coin for sale from the list available in your wallet;
  2. specify how many coins you want to exchange (the All button will display in the line the balance of the selected coins you have, minus the transaction fee);
  3. specify the name of the coin you want to receive.

The line Amount (approximately) will display the number of coins that you will receive as a result of the exchange. Below you can (it is not necessary) specify in which coin you want to pay the transaction fee, and attach a message to the transaction.

After all the required fields are filled in, click the Sell coins button.

Coin conversion in a mobile wallet

Log in to your wallet and select the Conversion button at the bottom of the screen. A window opens with two tabs — Buy and Sell.

Both tabs are filled in identically and essentially repeat the process of selling and buying coins.

Enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields and click Submit.

Conversion fee

A transaction like sell (purchase) and buy (sale) is ~ 0.54 DEL.

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