Instructions:What is CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio)

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What is CRR

The Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is used in the second step (Tokenomics) when creating a coin:

It is the percentage of the coin's backing with the native DEL token. This parameter affects the final value, volatility, and growth dynamics of the price. The lower the ratio, which is a minimum of 10%, the higher the volatility of your token. Conversely, by setting it to 100%, your token will fully replicate the value of DEL. You can learn more about the calculation formulas in the White Paper, and you can see how the price of your token will change when buying or selling by using the Calculator section ( and setting different initial parameters. This will help you forecast the economic model of your token and understand which parameters to set when creating your token, as coin liquidation is not possible on the DecimalChain blockchain.