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Decimal White Paper is an official document that informs the reader about the DecimalChain technology, the idea, the tasks that the Decimal ecosystem solves, and the mission that the team and developers have set for themselves.

What is the White Paper

The term «White Paper» has gained great popularity during the ICO of cryptocurrency projects.

The main document of the Decimal blockchain in Russian is its White Paper, it is posted on the official website at the link

General principles of blockchain described in Decimal White Paper

The Decimal blockchain was desinged by a group of professional developers working with blockchain technologies for more than six years. Decimal developers have unique and popular services and blockchains behind them.

When developing Decimal, we wanted to create:

  • a convenient, simple and understandable tool for the mass user for the safe exchange of values;
  • the «constructor» for cryptocurrencies, so that any entrepreneur — from a novice blogger to a business giant — can issue his own currency and manage it without special technical skills;
  • economic incentive for each Decimal network user. We believe that the most reliable motivation to really understand new technologies is the opportunity to benefit.

As a result, we see a lot of communities, companies and their clients who develop and promote their own projects united by the Decimal ecosystem. We have loyalty programs implemented by the business: cashback services, internal bonus points, internal currency in MLM structures, internal calculations in games and training programs, and much more.

And the most interesting thing is that any user can earn their points or points from one entrepreneur, and spend them from any other in the Decimal ecosystem.

Road map

Main article: Decimal Roadmap

In the seventh chapter of the DecimalChain White Paper, some completed items are listed and goals are announced by the end of 2020.

Versions in other languages

The English version of the document is available at the link