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MintCandybot (Telegram MintCandybot) is a telegram bot of the DecimalChain network, an updated version of Telegram paytominter_bot.

By default, there is a network DecimalChain, to switch to another one, select additional settings and click on the network to select.

Pay attention!  There are some innovations on telegram. To reward user in the chat, you should write a message after adding the bot to the chat, otherwise it will not work!

The bot allows you to receive drops in chats, but its main task is to reward!


Participants who do not have @username will not be able to receive rewards!

DON'T top up your balance for large amounts, keep only a small amount of coins for drops.

Basic commands

  • !send 1 coin — in response to another user’s message, sends 1 coin to the user;
  • !drop 2 coin 24 — makes a drop in the chat for 2 coin among users who have written in the last 24 hours, the time is indicated in hours, dividing 2 coin by the number of users;
  • !for 3 coin @username1 @username2 — rewards users with usernames @username1 and @username2 by dividing 3 coin by the number of users. Provided that these users are registered in the bot;
  • coin — any coin of the network;
  • after each command, you can add a message to the recipient;
  • need a coin of the network for the fee.

Additional commands

  • about me — displays data, your id, your number of referrals, the number of coins collected and your referral link. the id is required to top up your balance in some networks;
  • the choice of language — well, there is nothing to be said here;
  • description — a brief description of the main commands of the bot;
  • network selection (default minter) — by clicking the button you can select the default network. The selected network allows you to distribute only coins of this network in the chat, so you need to select the appropriate network to distribute other coins of another network. Also, the network is selected automatically when you click top up or withdraw;
  • likes — by clicking the button, you need to send (quantity) (coin) according to the selected network for a reward in the chat. The message should contain emoji inbox in the next button;
  • 👍❤️ 🍭 — you can enter from 1 to 5 emojis to reward in the chat in a reply message;
  • buy/sell — platforms for buying/selling coins in bot networks.

You are given 1 minute to enter all commands, after the time has elapsed, you will need to press again.

Bot fees

  • withdrawal of at least 10 DEL in stock;
  • withdrawal to your wallet 2 DEL;
  • each transaction 0.1 DEL;
  • fail transactions (on withdrawal) 0.5 DEL;

There are additional commands for chat administrators: !stata — displays statistics on coins distributed in the chat.

Pay attention!  To replenish your balance in the bot, in some cases you need to specify your id in the message to the transaction, you can find it in the about me section, or after sending the /start command in the bot. If you do not do this, the balance may not be replenished. Also, before you top up your wallet balance, please check that you are registered in the bot!

Our projects

Validator CANDY in Decimal network: Address of the Validator in the Decimal network dxvaloper1242ak4f4vrfjs2ggrq0k6zc7c7ga53rtuxfrww.

We also have a bot novice admin Telegram CandyAdminBot, bot commands:

  • !hello TEXT — changes the greeting message (admins only);
  • !hello — view the greeting text (admins only);
  • !price COIN — displays information about the coin in the Decimal network;
  • !key — outputs the address of our CANDY validator;
  • !ban — to the user’s reply message, sends it to the ban (admins only);
  • !ro 1 m — to the user’s reply message, sends it to the mut for 1 minute (admins only);

Chat: Telegram candy_del_chat

For those who want to support or sponsor our project, we will be only glad!

Details: decimal: dx1e4d0e27tf0uyhpu7mxww5qtk3ej92myzf2dz24