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Net address:
Address of the Validator in the Decimal network d0valoper1ka5kq4e0segvgf5v7zapylyz3sh63ltjvy85y2

101,585,611 DEL
1 %
Voting power:

Telegram RRUone
no complex transactions and formulas, simply 1%

This article describes the data about the validator RRU.ONE based on the capabilities of the network DecimalChain. All relevant information on the implementation of the projects listed below can be found in the official telegram chat Telegram RRUone.

Technical data

Server hardware

For any validator, the choice of server hardware is one of the primary tasks. We have carefully approached the issue of choosing the capacities and geographical location of the servers. We also studied in detail the companies providing servers that meet our requirements. This is important because the stable operation of the servers also depends on the stable operation of the validators, and, accordingly, the safety of the coins of our delegates depends on this.

We studied a huge range of server hardware configurations and came up with the following parameters:

  1. Servers are leased from several foreign companies.
  2. The companies are located in different geographical locations and in the event of a malfunction of the sentry-nodes servers, they will insure the validator as soon as possible.
  3. Server capacities are several times higher than the recommended network requirements. Surpluses additionally insure against unexpected loads in the network. This decision was made based on considerations of ensuring the greatest security of the delegates' coins. It also allows the server equipment to work with the least risk of damage.

Validator Maintenance

The team serving the validator are veterans of the IT industry. Each member of the team has more than five years of experience in the IT field.

The service takes place 24 hours a day, as the stability of the work and the protection of the funds of the delegates is our priority.

1% fee

Our validator has a very profitable fee of 1%, which is charged on the profit from delegation. Such a fee is sufficient and allows you to ensure reliable and stable operation of the validator. This is beneficial to both the team and interested investors: the lower the commission, the greater the profit.

Validator projects


The RRUNION coin was created on March 24, 2021. The price at the time of creation is 0.017 DEL. In just six months, the cost reached 0.28 DEL, the reserve — 10,500 DEL.

The main goal of RRUNION is to overcome the profitability of the base DEL coin. More details can be found in the Wiki document of the coin.

DecimalChain Navigator

The RRU.ONE team has developed a small document that allows you to quickly find the necessary information about DecimalChain. The main idea is to help new users navigate the blockchain ecosystem.

Telegram Navigator address: Telegram Navigaciya-po-decimalChain-05-18


We will be happy to consider any suggestions for cooperation both inside the DecimalChain network and outside. It is important for us that people understand our openness to customers and potential business partners. We work for the development of the industry as a whole, and also make every effort to create useful and interesting products for the end user.

Validator`s team

  • Artur Melkumyan — CEO, expert in the field of cryptocurrencies, crypto enthusiast, founder of the Robin Hood project.
  • David Lee — CTO, IT specialist in the development and maintenance of complex projects, technical consultant.
  • Alexander Suromkin is a partner, developer, PR specialist.

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