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Net address:
Address of the Validator in the Decimal network d0valoper1xfkkn2qzumcydf69cmyhlpxxc5956z4xg6u66h


3,366,877 DEL
6 %

Voting power:

Telegram XProfit_decimal

The X-profit validator team consists of young ambitious individuals with over four years of experience in the IT field.

We gained our experience working at EPAM as DevOps (Leonid) and Project Manager (Nikolay).

Our goal is to ensure the stable operation of the validator and the safety of delegator funds. To achieve this, we use the best equipment on the market and rely on our experience.

DecimalChain is our first experience in the validation field, and every day we learn something new and grow together with the network. Our team had experience in server administration, and we decided to try ourselves as a validator.

Technical setup of the X-profit validator

To ensure the stable operation of the validator, we deployed software and a masternode on multiple servers and data centers. We also conducted analysis and selected the best offers on the market for renting server equipment for the X-profit validator.

The DecimalChain network developers have provided special software called Decimal Guard to protect delegator funds, which we use in our work.

As with any large endeavor, we faced challenges, but we learn from our mistakes and continuously improve the quality and quantity of servers for protection and validation.

Currently, we use three servers for validation (one primary and two backup) and the same number for protection.

The validators are located in data centers:

  • Hetzner;
  • OVH;
  • Linode.

For the protection servers, we also chose Linode, but in combination with DigitalOcean and AWS.

When choosing the data centers for the servers, we relied on our experience working with these services.

We make every effort to quickly perform network upgrades, which occur quite often. In case of unexpected situations, we can quickly restore the validator's operation (within two hours) using the configured backup servers and an automatic backup creation system.

For information gathering and monitoring, we use the Amazon service called CloudWatch Logs.


We are ready to solve any problems and tasks that arise in our path.

The X-profit team is always open to new ideas and collaborations. You can directly contact the team leader, Nikolay Shilkin.

  • Nikolay Shilkin Telegram nishilk — team leader.
  • Leonid — server administrator responsible for the software and hardware aspects of the validator.

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