Q4 2023
coming soon
Decimal Wallet browser extension is a decentralized application for storing coins, Decimal tokens, safe and convenient interaction with the Decimal blockchain and services
Q3 2023
coming soon
Launch of NFT sidechain with IPFS implementation
Q2 2023
coming soon
Algorithmic Decimal stablecoin creation
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization, software built on Decimal smart contracts
The Decimal user community owns the issue and takes part in project management and process organization
Q1 2023
coming soon
NFT bridge from Decimal to Cosmos network and back via IBC protocol
Coin transfer from Decimal to Cosmos network and back through the IBC protocol
Token transfer from Decimal to Cosmos network and back through the IBC protocol
DEX - decentralized exchange similar to Uniswap and Pancakeswap
Launchpad - promoting and raising funds for projects, showcasing products and quick accessing the market on Decimal DEX
Q4 2022
Metamask browser extension integration
Integration with Ledger - storage, sending transactions and delegation of DEL on Ledger devices
Token creation function (ERC standards) in the Decimal Console, including the ability to change emission after creation
Cosmos IBC - Decimal integration into the Cosmos network via the IBC protocol
Q3 2022
Smart contracts - placement of smart contracts on the blockchain, verification of smart contracts, interaction through transactions, display in the Explorer
Moving your delegated coins from one validator to another validator
Wallet personal mark (public signature of the wallet/contract address owner in the blockchain)
Ability to place custom tokens in the NFT reserve
Dynamic fees for transactions and coin creation
Q4 2021
Private NFT/SFT functionality implementation
Q3 2021
Public NFT/SFT functionality implementation
Q2 2021
Crosschain swap functionality implementation. Decimal/Ethereum/BSC
Q4 2020
Voting feature for validators
Q2 2020
Decimalchain mainnet launch
Q1 2020
The Exchange. SDK
Q4 2019
Delegating and receiving reward for delegation. The functionality of issuing a custom coin. Functionality of selling, buying and exchanging coins. Check function
Q3 2019
Release desktop user wallet application. Release of the wallet application for mobile
Q2 2019
Deploying the main network. Launch the original masterminds. Starting block browser. Starting the user console
Q1 2019
Marketing and design initiatives