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Candidate for validators
Net address:
Address of the Validator in the Decimal network d0valoper1d9urfqwuerwe235dnrsd2zat3pmejnx05ye2yn
Foundation date:
September 20, 2021

3,780 DEL
6 %
Voting power:

Instagram crygame_official [1]

Telegram crygcoin
A platform for games and applications united by cryptoeconomics, where players can participate in tournaments, earn cryptocurrency, and have fun.

CRYGAME is a validator of the Decimal blockchain. This document represents a description of the work, as well as a list of ideas and projects of the CRYGAME validator.

Validator address in the Decimal network: Address of the Validator in the Decimal network d0valoper1d9urfqwuerwe235dnrsd2zat3pmejnx05ye2yn.


The video game market is huge, and our main idea is to introduce the gaming community to the cryptocurrency market through gameplay and teach them how to use it. This will attract many people to the DecimalChain platform and the crypto world in general.

Furthermore, we give people the opportunity to fulfill their dream, namely: "Earn cryptocurrency while enjoying video games."

Purpose of Creating the Validator

The CRYGAME validator is created to support the gaming platform and gaming projects developed by the CRYGAME team. The platform itself and 3 games are currently under development, detailed descriptions of which will be provided in the following sections.

Resources for creating the platform and games will be collected through rewards obtained in the validator.

Funds for the validator will be raised through the pre-sale of the CRYG gaming tokens and company's NFTs. Additionally, funds from investors interested in project development will be utilized.

A portion of the validator's rewards will be used to create and repurchase the CRYGBOOST token on the DecimalChain platform. The token will have a high CRR of 80% and investment attractiveness due to constant repurchases and usage in games. Tokens used in games will be withdrawn from the market through delegation to our validator as much as possible.

The idea is that by playing our games, people will earn the CRYG gaming token, and to receive rewards, players will have to purchase the CRYGBOOST token.

Another part of the validator's rewards will be used to attract an audience from the gaming community through tournaments on the CRYGAME platform with a prize pool in the DEL coin.

Platform Description

CRYGAME is a gaming platform for earning the CRYG cryptocurrency. The platform will include a large number of tokenized games based on the Play to Earn system.

The income model «farming» — a way of mining cryptocurrency where there is no need for computational power, but rather the need to have tokens in balance to mine new ones and perform gaming activities.

The farming of CRYG cryptocurrency is not limited by boundaries and can be presented differently in various games.

In addition to the CRYG token (Binance Smart Chain), the platform will use a second token called CRYGBOOST (DecimalChain).



The token emission of CRYG is unlimited. The token is both released and burned on the market. For the initial sale, 10,000,000 CRYG tokens will be allocated.

The burning process and speed can vary based on:

CRYG is designed for activating speed and for in-game and platform purchases. Profit distribution:

  • 30 % — Burning (burning percentage may increase depending on the market conditions)
  • 30 % — Team
  • 40 % — Marketing and development

CRYGBOOST (DecimalChain)

The token emission of CRYGBOOST is unlimited.

  • Initial emission: 20,000 CRYGBOOST
  • Initial reserve: 1000 DEL
  • CRR = 80%


CRYGBOOST is intended for activating speed. Additional token distribution points will be created in the future.

The CRYGBOOST tokens received by the development team will be taken out of circulation and staked in the CRYGAME node.


Total speeds - 5.

To activate speed and earn CRYG on the track, players need to deposit CRYG tokens for farming and delegate CRYGBOOST to the CRYGAME node through the platform panel on the website. The amount of tokens required to activate a specific speed will be determined after testing.

  • Tokens deposited for speed activation will not be burned.
  • Withdrawing CRYG tokens from farming takes 30 days.
  • Withdrawing CRYGBOOST tokens from farming takes 30 days.
  • Delegated CRYGBOOST tokens will generate income in the form of DEL coins.
  • As the CRYGBOOST token's value increases, the income in DEL coins for those who activated the speed earlier will also increase.


Players have an energy level that decreases over time spent in the game network.

Energy gradually replenishes over time, or it can be replenished by paying CRYG tokens. The energy gauge also increases when transitioning to a new speed.


At the platform's launch, there will be 1 game released, resembling the well-known racing game Hill Climb Racing, which is one of the most popular racing games globally for Android.

The player drives along a hilly road, collecting CRYG tokens and fuel canisters. The main objective is to travel as far as possible without flipping over or running out of fuel on the track.

During the testing phase, the game will feature 1 car. Players will be able to try themselves on the track and earn their first CRYG tokens. The list of cars will be expanded in the future.

By fully upgrading a car, an NFT can be created.

The better the car, the farther it can go and the more tokens can be collected.

Partnership Program

The partnership program is an integral part of any crypto business. In this regard, we have implemented a multi-level linear marketing program consisting of two types of rewards:

Income from income (up to 5 levels deep).

  • 1st level — 5 %
  • 2nd level — 2 %
  • 3rd level — 1 %
  • 4th level — 1 %
  • 5th level — 1 %

Income from the activation of speed by personally invited friends (only CRYG tokens are considered).

  • 1st level — 5 %

Referral rewards apply to all types of income, including tournament rewards. Those who are lucky to have avid gamers as partners will benefit greatly.

Development plans

After launching the platform and the first game, we will continue working on new games and start developing the eSports section.

In this section, the team will organize tournaments for various games, both online and offline. The initial online tournaments will be held for one of the most popular battle royale shooters, PUBG MOBILE. Fans of this game will have the opportunity to test their skills in the CRYGAME league, participate in matches with rewards for each kill, and qualify for a major tournament with a prize pool from the CRYGAME team.

In the future, new games and game modes of various levels of development complexity will be added to the platform, from 2D racing games to full-fledged 3D shooters.

All games will be tokenized based on the Play to Earn principle.

In addition to this, the platform will feature a DEX exchange, NFT marketplace, loot box exchange, tournament seasons with rewards for top performers, and much more.

Games in the development stage


Phantom Fight


  • Kirill Lavrentyev
  • Ilmir Mukhametov
  • Vladimir Alexandrov


  1. Instagram belongs to Meta, a recognized extremist organization in Russia.

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