Instruction:How to redelegate NFT to another validator

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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

In the Decimal blockchain, you can move delegated NFT and SFT tokens between validators. The duration of the transfer is 7 days.

Go to the Decimal Console and navigate to the NFT section at

Select tab Staking NFT (1) — Redelegate (2):

Fill in the fields (using Advanced Mode (8)):

  1. Source validator address. Select the validator from which you want to move tokens from the list.
  2. Collection to send. Select the tokens to move.
  3. Subtoken. Specify the subtoken to move.
  4. Amount. Specify the number of tokens to move.
  5. Target validator address. Insert the address of the validator to whom you want to move delegated tokens. The address is in the format [d0valoper…].
  6. Message. Provide any information about the transfer transaction. Note that it will be stored in public access on the blockchain network and will be available to everyone.
  7. Coin to pay fee. Specify the coin with which you want to pay for the transfer transaction fee.

Click Redelegate (9).

Check the data, review the fee (1) and click Confirm (2):

Upon a successful transfer transaction, you will receive a notification with a clickable link to the transaction hash (1), where all the information is specified. Click OK (2):

You can monitor the history of moved tokens on the same page in the Staking History section:

After 7 days, the tokens will be displayed in the Delegated tab.

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