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Candidate for validators
Net address:
Address of the Validator in the Decimal network d0valoper1qrj73k6a57enye3jpm8jkteq3vrudt8ztr9hfy
Foundation date:
June 30, 2021

10,969 DEL
Voting power:
under development

Instagram monkeyclubphuket [1]

Telegram monkeyclub_phuket
The official validator of the business community representation "Monkey Club" on the island of Phuket.

The Monkey Club project is a combination of the work of Monkey Club and the Monkey validator, so some of the information in the White Paper (WP) of the Monkey Club Phuket validator may be partially or completely repeated in the WP of the MONKEYCLUB token.

In this WP, the reader can learn in detail what Monkey Club is, what the validator was created for, its technical characteristics, and how the development of our community will affect the development of the DecimalChain network.

The project started with the launch of the MONKEYCLUB custom token and the Monkey Club validator on the island of Phuket.

In case of opening Monkey Club in different countries and regions, it is assumed that partner validators will be opened with a prefix indicating the location of the validators' opening. For example: Monkey Club Pattaya, Monkey Club Bali, Monkey Club Phu Quok, Monkey Miami, Monkey Dominican, etc.

Thus, as Monkey Club develops, partner representations in regions will receive a model of conducting international business according to a ready-made scheme, and the Decimal network will scale.

We hope that this document and the implementation of our project will have a positive effect on the development of the DecimalChain network and inspire the reader to become part of the Monkey Club community.

About the Project

Monkey Club is the best world resorts in DELe — that’s the slogan we chose for our "white paper" because we want business tokenization to be carried out not just in words about a technological future, but in action right now!

Monkey Club is a project from Monkey Car Phuket, created with the consulting support of the Legion Group team and the technical support of the DecimalPro team.

The project is an international club of resort business owners and their clients, membership in which entitles to discounts and privileges in service.

The project is created to unite entrepreneurs and clients, creating a closed but public system for everyone who wants to be in it with their personal benefit, as well as for the implementation and use of custom tokens MONKEYCLUB in the businesses of friends-partners who provide quality service and have an impeccable reputation in the most popular resorts of Southeast Asia (Thailand — Bali — Vietnam) and other regions of the world.

In other words, Monkey Club is a platform through which a client of one company receives a recommendation to use the services of partner companies, and a partner company receives a client who came to them on the advice of another company.

Recommendation is the best advertising, so club members receive quality advice from business owners, and business owners receive a satisfied client who came to eat but found out where to go on quality excursions or where to rent cool cars, used a proven service with a discount, and remained satisfied.

The Monkey Club project embodies the idea of DecimalChain about uniting projects on a blockchain platform and around the DEL token, only Monkey Club brings together businesses and customers around the Monkey Club token.

Monkey Club Phuket validator and its role

The Monkey Club Phuket validator is used to activate membership in Monkey Club.

Also, a portion of the validator's commission revenue, when its total delegated stake exceeds 2 million DEL, will be spent by the club on creating the Monkey Club application and developing the club.

Statuses in Monkey Club

To understand the goals and tasks of the custom token in the "Monkey Club" project, it is necessary to first understand the existing statuses within the community.

1. Monkey Club Co-founders

  • Oleg Oleynik — Director of Monkey Car car rental company, with an impeccable reputation in Phuket.
  • Konstantin Medvedev — Director of Legion Group, a cryptocurrency trading education company.
  • Kirill Nesterenko — Technical Director of Monkey Car infrastructure, with 19 years of experience in server equipment maintenance.
Monkey Club co-founders guarantee the provision of quality services to club members as they collaborate with the recommended business owner and are themselves customers.

At the project's launch, the owners will recommend purchasing Monkey Club membership within their loyal communities due to their impeccable reputation.

The earnings of Monkey Club owners are based on Monkey validator commissions and the sale of Monkey Club membership cards.

2. Monkey Club Partner Companies and Freelancers

Monkey Club partner companies and freelancers are trusted individuals who provide services to guests and residents of resort cities.

Only those companies and freelancers recommended by Monkey Club owners can become partner companies and freelancers of Monkey Club.

Verified friends and partners of the co-founders will form the foundation of Monkey Club, as their trust and personal experience underpin the recommendations.

Partners' earnings are based on selling membership cards to their clients. As the project develops, they will also have the opportunity to earn from the payment of orders made by their registered clients when they visit establishments of other partners.

Each partner receives consultations from the LEGION validator with the aim of formulating a tokenization strategy for their company and implementing it.

If an entrepreneur decides to tokenize their business, the Legion team will participate in the development and implementation of interesting and new use cases for Decimal, using real business examples (creating and implementing tokens/validators/token+validator).

3. Club Member

Anyone who purchases membership in Monkey Club, receives a custom token on their balance, and delegates it to the Monkey validator can become a club member.

There can be three levels of membership based on the delegated balance to the validator, each providing different conditions for obtaining privileges.

The higher the membership level, the more benefits in each partner's business.

Pay attention!  IMPORTANT: The levels for club members and their costs will be indicated on the website once we have finalized them with the club's partners.

For clients referred by partner companies and freelancers within the community, token acquisition will be done using fiat currencies (such as ruble, baht, dollar, etc.).

For participants of the DecimalChain community, it is possible to obtain tokens in the Decimal console through the exchange of any network token for our community token, followed by delegation to the Monkey validator.

Benefits of Monkey Club statuses

In addition to earning for co-founders, partners, and members of Monkey Club, each status has a number of benefits, which we have also decided to specify in this document.

1. Co-founders' benefits:

  • Bringing entrepreneurs together in a community, which increases the likelihood of someone being interested in creating a token or opening a validator.
Thus, Monkey Club founders can become part of the teams of new validators.
  • Attracting investments to their own validator from clients, friends, and the DecimalChain community (anyone can delegate to our validator).
Having a validator allows creating an investment offer, thanks to a reasonable validator commission and reliable infrastructure.
  • By delegating to their own validator, co-founders do not pay a commission to another validator but keep it for themselves.

2. Benefits for companies and freelancers:

  • A free advertising platform for businesses.
Each partner recommends other Monkey Club partners to their clients. Thus, the partner receives a client loyal to them from another business.
  • Free consultations on creating projects on DecimalChain (coin/validator/coin + validator) from scratch.
This way, one can receive a service from idea development to its implementation and increase profits.
  • Business owners and freelancers can immediately receive feedback from clients and improve the quality of their service.
Since we have a chat for clients and partners, clients can provide feedback to entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs can collect feedback or contact the client to clarify details.
  • Business owners can create joint projects and promotional campaigns with each other and with their clients.

3. Club members' benefits:

  • Verified and understandable service from reliable companies.
When a person arrives at a resort, they face a huge selection of goods and services. Monkey Club introduces guests and residents of resorts to quality services that can be recommended. Monkey Club allows finding quality services for every taste and preference, from food to accommodation, from parties to photoshoots, from transportation rental to yacht or villa rental, from fitness training to yoga classes, and more.
On the company's website, it will be possible to see a map of Monkey Club entrepreneurs.
When the mobile application is available, coordinates can be obtained and navigated to the location of the business using the built-in navigator.
The community provides an opportunity to meet and communicate with entrepreneurs.
Such unity allows receiving the best service and making useful connections in resort cities.
It is especially valuable here that a person becomes part of an entrepreneurial community and can improve the quality of their life by entering a strong environment.
Additionally, one can meet club members and make friends with people from different cities after their vacation.

How does it work?

In order to receive recommendations and privileges for service from partner companies at resorts, it is necessary to have a delegated balance of the token MONKEYCLUB in the Monkey validator.

The number of tokens delegated and the volume of privileges for delegation are determined by the tariffs on the official website (website under development).

  • Step 1: A person who wishes to become a member of Monkey Club selects their desired membership level on the company's website and submits a membership application.
  • Step 2: A manager contacts the client and assists in downloading the DecimalWallet. The client then sends their wallet address and personal information (photo, full name) to the manager.
  • Step 3: The client receives MONKEYCLUB tokens and the accompanying message includes the client's information, while the transaction link is embedded in a QR code.
  • Step 4: The company creates a personalized card (similar to a pass or driver's license) with a photo, information about the membership package, and a QR code linking to the transaction.
  • Step 5: The client receives the card in digital or printed format and can avail discounts on services from dozens of partner companies simply by presenting the card at Monkey Club partner businesses.

Transaction of Monkey Club tokens to the client’s wallet — confirmation of membership in Monkey Club.

Delegation of tokens to the validator — activation of membership.

The QR code on the card and the blockchain allow verification of the authenticity of the club card and membership activity (the presence of delegated balance can be seen through the transaction).

What will happen when the club scales?

In the event that a client in Phuket purchases membership and delegates Monkey Club to the Monkey Phuket validator, but Monkey Club also has representation and a validator in Bali, there is no need to purchase membership there while in Bali.

A membership card (an account of the future application) is considered active if the MONKEYCLUB coins are delegated to any of the Monkey validators.

Thus, we can already say that Monkey Club members (delegators) always receive verified service under special conditions in any city or region where Monkey Club is present.

By becoming a member of Monkey Club in Bali, club members can benefit from verified service in Phuket or the Philippines with our friends and partners under special conditions, as the token is recognized in companies in different countries and regions.

A membership card is considered active if the MONKEYCLUB coins are delegated to any of the Monkey validators.

When the software is created, it will automatically distribute club members among the Monkey Club validators.

MONKEY CLUB business model

Company's earnings

  • Token growth revenue: None.
This is due to the 100% CRR coefficient embedded in the coin, making it stable against the DEL exchange rate.
  • Membership card sales revenue: 50%.
The company takes 50% of the membership card payment, while the client receives 50% in Monkey Club tokens.
In the case where a club member is not a client of a partner company from which they learned about Monkey Club, but is part of the DecimalChain community, they need to leave an application on the website and inform the manager upon contact that they are from the DecimalChain community.
  • Revenue from delegators
To activate membership in the club, it is necessary to delegate coins to our validator. In this way, the validator earns a commission from the delegated coins that a person receives for purchasing membership.

For the DecimalChain community, the validator's commission is attractive enough for mining coins with us. If a club member wants to buy additional coins and delegate them to our validator, we will start earning more.

Development strategy

To develop our community, we need to attract the attention of guests and residents of resort cities to the benefits of participating in Monkey Club, as we earn from the sale of membership cards.

To put it in simpler terms, we receive income from the income of people who trust (delegate) their coins to us for generating new coins, while keeping them not in our wallet but freezing them in our own.

The more coins people delegate, the more we earn together, as we have no income without people, and people have no income without us.

Thus, as a validator, we are obliged to provide a high-yield, reliable, interesting, and understandable service, ensuring maximum security of users' balances while increasing people's engagement in cooperation with us.

Based on these ideas, the company will develop through the combination of four strategies:

  1. Advertising through business partners
  2. Advertising through major information channels and chats in resort cities (e.g., the "Phuket" chat with 6,000 subscribers)
  3. Online advertising
  4. Advertising on social media

Strategy #1

Advertising through business friends (Monkey Club partners)

Our friends inform their clients through all possible channels that they are now partners with Monkey Club, where they can enjoy service privileges by joining Monkey Club.

Additionally, some partners will receive significant discounts on car rentals in Phuket in exchange for reviews and announcements of Monkey Club to their audience.

Specialized signs, stickers, and a map will be installed in the offices of our friends, marking the coordinates of Monkey Club partners.

Thus, "Money Maps" and outdoor advertising for Monkey Club will be created at the partners' workplaces.

User Story #1

Ivan Nikolaevich from Moscow, together with his spouse, arrives in Phuket on a package tour. After checking into the hotel, he decides to rent a car to explore all the best places together for 2 weeks.
Ivan Nikolaevich searches for "Car rent" on Google and finds a company with a huge number of reviews - Monkey Car. By visiting their website or calling, he learns that he can not only rent a car with a discount or privilege but also receive club service from Monkey Club partners.
He submits a request on the website, pays for the package, joins the community, and enjoys a reliable and understandable service throughout his stay in Phuket.

User Story #2

Semen Semenovich from Barnaul, together with his spouse and two children, arrives in Phuket on a package tour. After checking into the hotel, he decides to book excursions but doesn't do it through a tour operator.
First, Semen Semenovich wants to have a meal, so he walks down the street and notices a tour operator called "Marusya Travel" with a Russian sign. At the entrance, he sees stickers of "Monkey Club" and "Monkey MAPS," indicating places where he can receive discounted services.
Semen Semenovich may not pay attention to it, but when he orders an excursion, he learns that he can purchase excursions with discounts or enjoy privileges not only in tours but also with every Monkey Club partner.
He submits a request on the website, pays for the package, joins the community, and enjoys a reliable and understandable service throughout his stay in Phuket.

User Story #3

Igor from Yekaterinburg arrives in Phuket on a package tour, not for the first time. He leaves the hotel and goes to have lunch at a proven restaurant called "Chekhov" because it is delicious and affordable.
At the entrance, Igor sees stickers of "Monkey Club" and "Monkey MAPS," indicating places where he can receive discounted services, from car rentals to photo shoots.
He may not pay attention to it, but when the waiter approaches him, Igor learns that if he were a member of Monkey Club, he could be constantly served with privileges throughout the partner business network.
He submits a request on the website, pays for the package, joins the community, and enjoys a reliable and understandable service throughout his stay in Phuket.

User Story #4

Yulia lives in Phuket and rents a custom motorcycle from Custom Garage Phuket. She is a member of the Custom Garage chat and sees a message that she can rent transportation at a lower price and receive various bonuses if she becomes a member of Monkey Club.
Yulia visits the website, places an order, pays for the package, joins the community, and benefits from various reliable services throughout Phuket.
The channel through which the information is obtained is not that important. Whether it's a phone call, email newsletter, Instagram, Telegram, or any other channel, they are just channels. What matters is not where but how the active client receives information about the club.

User Story #5

As a fitness instructor or yoga instructor, my clients who usually train with me during the tourist season receive information that Monkey Club members are entitled to discounts and privileges with their favorite trainer, as well as the opportunity to use a trusted service in Phuket.
However, some of them haven't received their vaccinations and cannot travel to Phuket, or they don't see the point in joining the club because they are currently in Russia and have no plans to visit Phuket (or there may be other reasons preventing them from coming).
So why should they become Monkey Club members?
Their fitness instructor informs them that by becoming Monkey Club members, they will earn liquid cryptocurrency to their balance since they have delegated coins to a validator. Even with a small amount, they will be able to earn, and perhaps, after understanding the technology, they might become validators themselves, as they liked the idea.
This user story focuses on the benefits of being a club member even without visiting Phuket. While they attend to their own affairs, they can still generate income.


There can be many variations of user stories, but their essence boils down to one thing: people will learn about the club because the business is operating.

Club members are potential or existing customers of a business operating in tourist cities.

90% of club members are customers of partners, which is the target at the start of the project.

With the release of the mobile application, club membership registration and payment will take place within the app, and we will be able to see statistics on where customers come from and how many of them there are.

Strategy #2

Advertising through major information channels and resort city chats

This strategy allows us to attract attention to the club through established chats and channels in Southeast Asia.


  • Phuket Chat: 6,000 subscribers
  • Phuket Announcements: 8,000 subscribers
  • Thai Chat: 1985 subscribers
  • CIS×Phuket: 10,394 subscribers

These channels and chats bring together people who have either been to or permanently live in Phuket, which allows us to reach a large number of people.

Among the partners and co-founders of Monkey Club are administrators of the largest channels related to Phuket, and we also have personal connections and partnerships with the owners of the largest Phuket channels, VK and Facebook communities.

Strategy #3

Online advertising

Each partner has communication channels in one way or another. It can be the company's website, social media, YouTube, and more. If an entrepreneur is developing their information resource, they advertise it online.

A link to the Monkey Club website will be embedded on the site or other channels, allowing visitors to place an order for a membership package.

Strategy #4

Social media advertising

Working with this strategy involves creating a business account that resembles the company's website but on social media.

Monkey Club referral program

Reward system for work done

Currently, we can afford to give up to 10% from the sale of a membership package.

To purchase a membership package, it will be necessary to submit an application on the company's website (website under development).

Once the mobile application is released, it will be possible to register club members, create orders, and receive referral rewards directly in the mobile app, as it will be possible to establish a referral link.

In addition, the mobile application will allow earning cryptocurrency within the app, and instant rewards will be provided for each member's connection delegation.

Monkey Club team

Validator infrastructure

Infrastructure is the equipment on which the software for maintaining the Decimal network is installed.

Being a validator is a very responsible task as it involves the trust of delegators and the preservation of their balances.

That is why to ensure the reliability of the validator, we use powerful dedicated servers in data centers in Finland and Germany, as well as several penalty protection servers.

Having penalty protection servers minimizes the risk of our validator receiving penalties. Whenever our server shuts down, the penalty protection server is activated, and the validator continues to support the network.

Our servers are maintained and updated by technical specialists, which ensures maximum stability and comfort for earning and reduces the risk of receiving a penalty to 1% of the balance.

It is not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of penalties, but we do everything to make delegation to us as safe as possible.

Coin generation in the validator

Our validator charges a 6% commission for the work performed. This means that our validator retains 6% of the emission received by the delegator.

The validator's team only earns from coin mining commissions.

The more you delegate, the more you start to earn, as increasing the delegation balance increases your balance and your share in our validator.

Validator maintenance

The DecimalPro team is responsible for the maintenance, and at the time of writing this white paper, they have not received any penalties and already have experience as a validator in the MINTER network.

We personally know the DecimalPro team and have not experienced any technical failures or complaints during our time working with them.

We know that DecimalPro impeccably maintains the following validators:

Therefore, all Monkey Club validators will trust this team of professionals. Also, all validators of friends, if they choose to open them, will be entrusted to this team.

Official validator resources


We have created the first version of the "white paper" to help readers understand who we are and what tasks we solve with the validator.

This document will be supplemented with our experience so that every reader can replicate our case and improve the efficiency of their business or build their business with us.

The validator opens up opportunities for us to connect our company's products and develop it both in terms of the audience and earning commissions.

Our team welcomes suggestions for editing and supplementing the first version of the "white paper" to ensure clarity in every line.

If you want to make a suggestion, create a partnership with us, or simply ask a question, you can contact us through official resources or any team member.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Instagram belongs to Meta, a recognized extremist organization in Russia.

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