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Decimal Terms of Use





If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions or find this document non-compliant with the laws of the country of your location, you shall not use the website and services of the Decimal ecosystem.

Otherwise, you will incur all losses and expenses caused by non-compliance with the above documents relating to your liability to us and to third parties.

The current version of the document is posted on  and offered to the User for review at all times.

The User is obliged regularly check the Terms of Use for changes and / or additions. By using the ecosystem Decimal, user express his / her approval of such changes and / or additions to this document.

This Agreement defines the procedure for using the ecosystem Services and Decimal software through the website / mobile application and in another accessible way (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is concluded between DECIMAL PTE. LTD.(hereinafter also referred to as the "Company", "we"), and you (hereinafter - "User"), hereinafter referred to when jointly referred to as "Parties".

This Agreement is a public offer and is posted for review and acceptance of its terms when using the ecosystem services and Decimal software. The Agreement can be changed by us without any special notice, the new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the official Decimal website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.

DECIMAL PTE. engaged in economic activities related to the development of software for blockchain technology, interaction with blockchain ecosystem s, the creation and operation of blockchain applications for mobile applications and blockchain wallets, and other activities in the fieldof information technology

You can find a detailed description of the work of the ecosystem services and Decimal software on our official website .

We do not encourage Users to purchase cryptocurrency and use the Decimal ecosystem and software. However, you can only use the Decimal ecosystem and software if you own the cryptocurrency.

The use of the Decimal ecosystem and software does not guarantee any income, regardless of the amount of cryptocurrency purchased by you in order to use the program. All users of the Decimal ecosystem and software can only receive rewards in cryptocurrency.

Our Services

The Decimal ecosystem - a set of services and software that provide the ability to tokenize assets, perform transactions with digital assets on the Decimal blockchain network, as well as other services available for use at the time of acceptance of this agreement.

The use of ecosystem services involves the purchase of DELTokens.

The use of the Decimal ecosystem and software does not provide users with the ability to transact fiat currencies.

The range of services available to you may depend on the country from which you access the services.

Ecosystem Decimal services and software User Requirements

To use the ecosystem services and Decimal software, you must comply with certain requirements set forth in this document. For instance, you may not use the ecosystem services until you come of age or if you are a resident of the country where our ecosystem services does not work / prohibited / not in compliance with local law, etc.

In addition, certain actions are prohibited for the Decimal ecosystem users. For instance, users may not engage in illegal activities, provide false information or perform other actions that may harm our services or systems.

For more information, please see the terms of this document.

Risks Associated with Transactions with Digital Assets

Due to a vague legal framework with regard to digital assets, transactions with digital assets in most jurisdictions may be risky. Only use our ecosystem if you fully understand these risks.

Other Terms and Conditions

Other terms and conditions are specified below, including indemnification liability, limitation of liability and disclaimer, as well as your consent to arbitration of most disputes. If you decide to use our ecosystem services and Decimal software please carefully read the terms and conditions specified herein.

In cases where you use certain ecosystem services since some or part of the services may be supported and provided by third parties, DECIMAL PTE. LTD.may entrust the performance of certain services to its affiliates, as well as to third parties whose activities are regulated by their internal documents. For example, services related to providing Users with the possibility of parties to complete transactions with digital assets are provided by WALLBTC PTE. LTD and its affiliates, as well as third parties. Services are provided in accordance with the conditions specified in the Rules posted on the website WALLBTC PTE. LTD. By continuing to use the ecosystem website you agree to the specified documents.

If you do not agree to such conditions, please do not use our services of our ecosystem.

Additional conditions for the provision of services may be established in a separate agreement concluded between us and the User.

All data provided on our website is not necessarily real-time and may not be accurate. All prices (values), including data, quotes, charts, including an indication of the amount of remuneration, interest, etc. are forecast and indicative in nature and can be changed by DECIMAL PTE. its discretion unilaterally.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support service.

Full Terms of Use Full Terms of Use for Decimal Ecosystem Services and Software

These Terms of Use and any “terms” and “rules” specified in this document apply to your access to the websites and applications provided by DECIMAL PTE. LTD.(collectively referred to as the “ecosystem”, “Decimal”, “we”, “us”), as well as to the ecosystems and software Decimal -provided services, as described in these Terms of Use (collectively referred to as the “services”).

Basic Definitions

In this document, unless otherwise stated directly in its body text, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings described below:

"Decimal ecosystem", "Decimal ecosystem Services" "Decimal Software" "Decimal Blockchain" means the websites, applications, services or tools operated by DECIMAL PTE. LTD. “Ecosystem”

“Services”, “We” and “Us” refer to DECIMAL PTE. LTD.

Site administration - authorized employees to manage the Decimal site (mobile application), acting on behalf of DECIMAL PTE. LTD.

Service means any service, feature or function offered within the Decimal ecosystem.

The Decimal ecosystem site is a site hosted on the Internet at where the ecosystem and software interface is hosted or available.

The Decimal ecosystem is a complex interconnected system (set) of services that can be accessed through the use of Decimal software (blockchain).

The Decimal blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks (linked list, database) built according to certain rules, containing information about a certain asset (resource). Decimal software (program, blockchain) is developed on the basis of distributed ledger technology (computer program) and includes algorithms for accounting for assets (resources), as well as algorithms for delegating (transferring) cryptocurrency in order to generate cryptocurrency and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

The software (also - the Program) Decimal exists in the form of a website, an application, and add-ons to applications (messengers).

A detailed description of the software is given on the official Decimal website. Intellectual property rights for the software, application and its elements belong to DECIMAL PTE. LTD.

Materials derived from the Program are any program, work, information developed by the User or a third party using the Program or any part of it.

Use of the Program - any actions related to the functioning of the Program in accordance with its purpose.

Confidential information - the content of the Program (source code), all copies of the Program and all derivative works associated with the Program, including, but not limited to, all updates, modifications.

Digital assets are a digital representation of value, which is understood as "cryptocurrency", "virtual currency", "digital currency", for example, bitcoin, which is based on a cryptographic protocol of a computer network, can be centralized or decentralized, closed or open source and be used as a medium of exchange and / or storage of value.

Cryptocurrency is a standardized and invariable unit of account in the blockchain network (database) that contains information about digital data, which is a unit of measure for a resource (for example, a digital reflection of an asset that is provided by its creators).

Token is a unit of account, dependent on the blockchain network, designed to represent a digital balance in some asset or resource, which is a digital reflection of an asset (resource).

User's custom coin is a cryptocurrency, a token, which is a unit of account for an asset (resource) in the Decimal blockchain network, created by a User (Coiner).

Tokenization is the process of transforming the presentation of any accounting information about an asset (resource) in the form of a digital token, i.e. the process of converting assets (resources) into a token that can be divided, sold and stored in the Decimal blockchain system. Tokenization allows you to transfer the value of an asset (resource) into a token that can be disposed of, taking full advantage of the blockchain technology.

Smart contract is a software code that enables users to conclude transactions (transactions) with digital assets in the Decimal blockchain.

User - any person using the ecosystem services and Decimal software, regardless of whether it is registered or not;

Decimal electronic (cryptocurrency) wallet means the User's account on the Decimal blockchain network, accessible through the Decimal ecosystem, which is only accessible to the Ecosystem User who has a private key and is an element of the program (Decimal blockchain), the interface of which is posted and available on the Ecosystem Website. An electronic (cryptocurrency) wallet (account) is a tool for interacting with the blockchain network.

The Decimal private key is an alphanumeric password encrypted in different formats. The private key is used for irreversible transactions in the Decimal blockchain, which are protected and guaranteed by a mathematical signature associated with each transaction.

Delegation of tokens (coins, cryptocurrencies) - transfer of tokens (coins, cryptocurrencies) to other participants of the Decimal blockchain network in order to generate new tokens and receive rewards in the form of tokens (coins, cryptocurrency).

External Account means any User account (digital asset accounts) owned or operated by him that is maintained outside of the Decimal ecosystem, not owned, controlled by DECIMAL PTE. LTD.

Financial Account means any financial account of the User (with cash or digital assets), the actual owner of which is the User, which is maintained by a third party outside the Decimal ecosystem.

Mining activities are activities aimed at generating (mining) cryptocurrency in order to maintain the existence of a blockchain of a certain type of cryptocurrency.

Staking is the process of storing cryptocurrency in a cryptocurrency wallet aimed at maintaining all operations in the blockchain of a certain type of cryptocurrency, consisting of blocking a certain amount of cryptocurrency in order to receive the highest reward through the Proof-of-stake (PoS) system.

Proof-of-stake (PoS) (literally: "proof of stake") is a method of protection in cryptocurrencies, in which the probability of a participant forming the next block in the blockchain is proportional to the share of the settlement units of this cryptocurrency belonging to this participant from their total number. The stake is used as a resource that determines which node gets the right to mine the next block.

Node - a member of the cryptocurrency network, a node in the blockchain network that interacts with other devices in the network on which the program (cryptocurrency wallet) is running, supporting a certain type of cryptocurrency.

Masternode is a node in the blockchain network that provides the functions of mining blocks, recording transactions in the blockchain network and receiving rewards (commissions).

Staking Nodes - a certain number of coins, imply holding coins on a cryptocurrency wallet (in a node-node) specified by the Program, creating a block and receiving a reward for this. In this case, the factors influencing the fact of creating a block and, accordingly, receiving a reward are: the duration of the bet, the number of coins and their ratio with those available on the network.

A cryptocurrency transaction is a transfer of a cryptocurrency from one address to another in the blockchain system.

Customer Help System - software installed in the Mobile Application and including the User Support Service.

1. The subject matter of the contract.

In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, We grant the User the right to use the Decimal ecosystem services and software through the use of our website, mobile application, as well as in any other accessible way on the terms established by this agreement.

1.1. Using the ecosystem services and Decimal software in any other available way, the User expresses his full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the Agreement.

1.2. The use of ecosystem services and Decimal software on terms and in ways not provided for in this agreement is possible only on the basis of a separate agreement with the Company. The terms of this Agreement may be changed by Us without any special notice, the new version comes into force from the moment it is published on our website through a mobile application or in any other accessible way.

1.3. The use of ecosystem services and Decimal software presupposes the User's consent to the use of technical information about the device, system and application software and peripheral devices of the User. We have the right to collect and use technical data and related information to improve the ecosystem services and Decimal software or to provide services or technologies to the User.

2. Ways to use the Decimal ecosystem services and software.

The use of ecosystem services and Decimal software involves the purchase of tokens and the generation (receipt) of a cryptocurrency wallet (account) in the Decimal blockchain (for more details, the conditions for buying a token and using a cryptocurrency wallet are given in sections 3, 5, 6 of this Agreement).

2.1. The ecosystem at the time of this publication includes two modules:

2.1.1. A module that provides the process of buying cryptocurrency, storing cryptocurrency, exchanging and delegating cryptocurrency.

To use the module, the User receives (generates) a private key that provides access to a cryptocurrency wallet in the Decimal blockchain network.

The user also has the right to use such a piece of software as the delegation of cryptocurrency, the rules for the use of which are set out on our website.

2.1.2. The module for tokenizing the assets of the Users of the Decimal ecosystem, which provides the Users with a tool for tokenizing the assets (resources) of the Users and ensuring the exchange of assets (resources) within the Decimal ecosystem (hereinafter also referred to as the Tokenization Module). The module includes a piece of software for creating custom coins (tokens) of Users. Using the asset tokenization module is possible through:

  • purchases (possession) of the DEL token (methods of purchase / possession are specified in section 6 of this Agreement);
  • buying (owning) a DEL token, as well as creating a custom coin (token).

2.2. The use of the tokenization module obliges the User to also comply with a number of restrictions, including restrictions on the tokenization of assets, the circulation of which is limited / prohibited by current legislation. Decimal software provides for accounting rules for tokenized assets (resources). Each transaction with a token is reflected in the list of transactions of the blockchain network, to which the User has access.

2.3. The ecosystem services provide for the possibility for the User to receive information about completed transactions with tokens (including custom coins) and to download information about transactions from the database within the limits allowed by the blockchain technology.

2.4. Users of the Decimal ecosystem services and software are individuals and legal entities. Users have the right to use the modules for personal purposes not related to making a profit, subject to the restrictions of the current legislation.

2.5. Users of the ecosystem services and Decimal software can obtain validator status in accordance with the conditions set forth on our website.

2.6. In cases of using the services for the purpose of doing business and making a profit, Users (individuals and legal entities) must have a legal status that allows them to engage in business activities in accordance with their personal law, as well as conclude a separate agreement with Us governing the use of ecosystem services.

2.7. We cannot provide services in all markets and jurisdictions. It is prohibited to use the ecosystem services in Japan, China, the United States of America (including all states and the District of Columbia), Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, any other possessions of the United States of America or in any country where operations with digital assets are prohibited or restricted in any way. Any actions of the specified individuals / legal entities in those countries or locations involving digital assets shall be deemed prohibited, illegal, unauthorized and fraudulent and may have negative consequences.

2.8. Depending on the User’s location, his / her rights to use the Service may be limited by applicable law. The User is personally liable for failure to comply with the legislation in force.

2.9. To use the ecosystem services, confirm and warrant during registration that you:

  • are major (at least 18 (21 in some countries) years old) and a legally capable individual; have the necessary legal capacity and competence, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for conclusion and execution of this document in accordance with its terms and conditions.
  • have the right to enter into this agreement and at the same time do not (and will not) violate any other agreement to which you are a party;
  • will not use our services if any applicable law in your country prohibits you from doing so in accordance with these Terms of Use;
  • have no beneficiaries or beneficial owners and act only for personal ends.

3. Decimal Account (wallet)

3.1. To use any services of the Decimal Ecosystem, the User purchases the DEL cryptocurrency (Token), upon purchase of which an electronic (cryptocurrency) wallet is generated in the Decimal blockchain.

The procedure for acquiring tokens, the rights and obligations of token holders are specified in section 6 of this Agreement).

3.2. The Decimal cryptocurrency wallet is an account in the Decimal ecosystem blockchain. The account (cryptocurrency wallet) is intended to account for the DEL cryptocurrency (tokens), as well as, in the cases provided for by this agreement, other cryptocurrency (tokens), custom coins of the Users.

3.3. The Decimal cryptocurrency wallet is non-custodial. Access to the cryptocurrency wallet (account) is possible only through the use of a private key, the data of which only the User has.

3.4. The private key cannot be recovered. All risks of losing the private key, third parties' access to the private key are borne by the User.

3.5. When you buy a DEL Token and the Decimal blockchain generates an electronic wallet, you agree to:

  • maintain the security of your account by limiting unauthorized third party access to your account;
  • promptly notify us in case you discover any security breaches related to your account;
  • and take responsibility for all activities that occur on your account, and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access to your account to the fullest extent permitted by law.

3.6. In cases stipulated by the terms of this Agreement, as well as by current legislation, users of the ecosystem are required to go through the registration and identification procedure.

3.7. The User who has the private key has access to the account.

3.8. The user is fully responsible for keeping the account data (private key) confidential. Any actions with the User performed using correct data (private key) are recognized as committed by the User, with the exception of cases established by applicable law.

3.9. The user is responsible for the actions of third parties who have access to his account. Any actions performed with the User's account are considered to be committed by the User to whom this account was provided (generated).

3.10. We may, at our sole discretion, with or without prior notice, at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any services of the ecosystem.

3.11. In the event of any force majeure event (as defined in these terms and conditions), violation of this agreement, we may, at our discretion and without prior notice to you, suspend access to all or part of our services. We may terminate access to the Services immediately at our sole discretion, immediately and without prior notice.

3.12. When using the account, the user is obliged to comply with applicable law, the rights and legitimate interests of us and third parties.

3.13. The user is obliged to use the account only personally. The user does not have the right to disclose or otherwise transfer his data to access the account in the Decimal blockchain to third parties.

3.14. The user is obliged to ensure the storage of data in a way that excludes the possibility of access to them by third parties, in particular, not to record account data in such a way that it is possible to determine what this data refers to, not to save it in electronic form, including special programs for storing passwords. The user is obliged to independently take all necessary measures to maintain confidentiality, prevent unauthorized use and protect his account from unauthorized access by third parties.

3.15. Before entering data, the user is obliged to make sure that he is not being monitored, including with the use of technical means. The user is obliged to make sure before entering the password that:

  1. connection to the Ecosystem website is established using the https:// protocol;
  2. in the line of the browser used, the URL of the Decimal ecosystem site is indeed indicated 

3.16. The user is obliged not to use other people's computers or other devices to access the account.

3.17. The user is obliged to ensure the anti-virus security of the device used to access the account;

73.18. The user does not have the right to use the account and services of the Decimal ecosystem for the implementation of illegal (having at our sole discretion signs of corpus delicti, an administrative offense, non-fulfillment of civil obligations to any third parties, legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, or financing of terrorism ) actions, including:

3.18.1. Do not use the account for the systematic accumulation and further distribution of funds among several recipients / systematic transfer to their own details / receipt of cash / other transactions with signs of transit

3.18.2. Do not use the account to provide or collect funds to finance an organized group, illegal armed group, criminal community (criminal organization);

3.18.3. Do not use the account to make payment / receive payment transactions in relation to objects withdrawn from circulation or restricted in circulation;

3.18.4. Do not use your account to steal / hide other people's funds;

3.18.5. Do not use your account to carry out any transactions related to the dissemination of information, goods, works, services that promote hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance, Nazi or similar attributes and / or symbols that encourage the overthrow of government authorities and change the state system, to illegal destruction of property, riots, riots, other extremist activities;

3.18.6. Do not use your account to perform any transactions directly or indirectly related to terrorist financing;

3.18.7. Do not use your account for the purpose of performing any transactions that violate or infringe on the violation of any intellectual property rights;

3.18.8. The user is not entitled to use the account to fund occult-religious, occult-philosophical, mystical and other similar associations that contribute to the spread of destructive cults, the manifestation of religious, ethnic, confessional extremism;

3.18.9. The user is not entitled to use the account to collect funds in order to finance the political activities of individuals, legal entities, including non-profit and public organizations;

3.18.10. The user is not entitled to use the account to carry out any operations related to the activity of raising funds with the promise of payment of income in amounts comparable to the amount of funds raised, as well as organizing such activities, including organizing / distributing information about participation in investment pyramids and schemes , matrix programs, other similar get-rich-quick schemes or network marketing programs, other programs, by their content, aimed at stealing someone else's property or acquiring the right to someone else's property by deception or abuse of trust;

3.18.11. The User does not have the right to use programs and take other measures that allow the User to hide from the Service the technical characteristics of the Internet connection to use the account;

3.18.12. The User does not have the right to take actions with the purpose or result of disrupting the normal functioning of the equipment and software of the Service;

3.18.13. The user is not entitled to make any changes to the account software and / or any part of it on his own or with the involvement of third parties, as well as use any means of automated access to the account, unless otherwise agreed with the Service;

3.18.14. The user does not have the right to use the account to carry out transactions related to the conduct of entrepreneurial activities, except for the cases established by these agreements.

3.19. It is forbidden to use the account to transfer funds to third parties, by transferring the account itself or access to it.

3.20. The provisions (prohibitions) on the use of the account (cryptocurrency wallet) set forth in the clauses of this Agreement also apply to the use of all services of the Decimal ecosystem.

3.21. We are not responsible for the operation of external accounts of Users or for the management and security of any of your External Accounts.

3.22. You are personally responsible for your use of any External Account and agree to be bound by all terms that apply to any External Account.

4. Privacy and Cookie Policy.

4.1. In cases where you use some of the services of the Ecosystem, you need to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy, which sets out the rules for the processing of your personal data, and also read and accept the policy regarding the management of cookies.

5. The order of using the ecosystem services and Decimal software.

5.1. Our commitment is limited to providing services related to the use of the Decimal ecosystem services and software.

5.2. The Decimal ecosystem managed by DECIMAL PTE. LTD.

  • is not a party to transactions (cryptocurrency transactions) concluded (made) by users among themselves in the Decimal blockchain,
  • is not responsible to third parties for compliance by users of any obligations towards each other, or to third parties, and
  • is not a party to disputes that may arise in connection with obligations from transactions (cryptocurrency transactions) when using the Decimal software.

5.3. Transactions (transactions) between users and are made through the execution of a smart contract on the Decimal blockchain network.

If you do not understand the principles of concluding transactions using the services of the Decimal Ecosystem and making cryptocurrency transactions on the Decimal blockchain network through smart contracts, we strongly recommend that you do not use the services of the ecosystem and Decimal software.

5.4. You acknowledge and agree that DECIMAL PTE. LTD, as the copyright holder of Decimal software that supports the functioning of the ecosystem:

5.4.1. does not regulate or control the compliance of transactions (transactions) concluded by users with each other with the requirements of the law and other legal acts, their conditions, as well as the fact and consequences of the commission, the impossibility of canceling transactions in the Decimal blockchain network;

5.4.2. does not act as your broker, intermediary, agent or advisor or in any fiduciary capacity, and no message or information provided to you while using the ecosystem services is not considered or considered as advice.

5.4.3. does not provide information about the operations performed by the User to third parties and is not responsible for the provision of such information by the User to third parties.

5.4.4. does not accept and does not fulfill requirements from third parties to suspend the User's access to the account, or otherwise restrict his rights in relation to the Ecosystem Services on any grounds, except for cases when such requirements come from the competent authorities of the User's country of residence and are subject to mandatory executions in accordance with applicable law, or based on a court decision that has entered into legal force.

5.5. Users have the right to communicate with each other through the Decimal Ecosystem website.

5.6. We are not responsible for the information that Users communicate to other Users on the Ecosystem website or through other communication channels.

5.7. We may at any time and at our sole discretion suspend the operation of the services of the Ecosystem, for example, we may restrict access to services from certain places.

5.8. You are responsible for determining what taxes apply to and your use of ecosystem services, including cryptocurrency transactions (transactions) that you make with other users through the Decimal ecosystem services. You are responsible for reporting and correct determination and calculation of tax to the appropriate tax authority. You agree that We are not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your transactions.

5.9. You cannot modify, revoke or cancel your cryptocurrency transaction on the Decimal blockchain network.

5.10. In case of disagreement related to the operation of ecosystem services, Users understand and accept the restrictions associated with blockchain technology.

5.11. Ecosystem services do not provide for accepting fiat money to fund an account. Accounts are intended only for digital assets: tokens and custom coins of Users.

5.12. We do not make any guarantees regarding the time it may take to complete any transactions on the Decimal blockchain network, or to transfer digital assets to your account on the Decimal blockchain.

5.13. In some cases, the External Account may decline your digital assets or may be unavailable. You agree that you will not claim any damages from Us arising from such rejected transactions.

5.14. The user confirms and agrees that transactions may be delayed in the event of unforeseen or unavoidable problems in the network, as well as in other cases.

6. Digital assets (tokens). The rights of holders of DEL tokens and custom coins.

6.1. Using the services of the Decimal ecosystem assumes the use of DEL tokens.

6.2. When deciding to purchase DEL tokens, the User is also obliged to read and accept the terms of the token purchase agreement posted on the website 

6.3. DEL tokens are available through a token purchase agreement in accordance with the terms set out on the website 

6.4. DEL token:

  • is a native token (cryptocurrency) and
  • acts as a reserve internal unit of account in the Decimal blockchain;

DEL token is generated in the Decimal blockchain using the algorithm laid down by the developers of the Decimal blockchain;

  • is not currency or other means of payment;
  • can only be used within the Decimal ecosystem;
  • token mining is not provided;
  • the private key that provides the Users with the ability to dispose of the token belongs to the User.

6.5. DEL token holder rights:

  • access to services within the Decimal ecosystem;
  • storage in the Decimal cryptocurrency wallet;
  • exchange of tokens between Users within the Decimal ecosystem;
  • converting to another token in the Decimal network.
  • delegation of tokens and receiving rewards for staking coins;
  • using a token as a tool for tokenizing assets when using the Tokenization Module;

6.6. The user has no right to demand the buyback of the DECIMAL PTE. LTD.token DEL. The purchase of a DEL token (transfer of rights for other reasons) is not subject to cancellation.

6.7. In cases of using the Asset Tokenization Module, users have the right to create a custom coin.

6.8. Custom coin (token) of Users:

  • performs the functions of the internal unit of accounting for assets (resources) of the Decimal ecosystem Users;
  • has double collateral (double binding): on the one hand, the User's custom coin is provided with DEL tokens, on the other hand, the coin is provided with an asset (resource) of the User;
  • generated in the Decimal blockchain by means of the algorithm laid down by the developers of the Decimal blockchain;
  • is not currency or other means of payment;
  • can only be used within the Decimal ecosystem;
  • coin mining is not provided;
  • the private key, which provides the Users with the ability to dispose of the coin, belongs to the User.

6.9. The user has no right to demand from Us the redemption of a custom coin.

6.10. The amount of the provision of a custom coin with DEL tokens may be changed by us unilaterally without special notice.

6.11. Custom coin holder rights:

  • storage in the Decimal cryptocurrency wallet;
  • exchange between Users within the Decimal ecosystem;
  • delegation and receipt of reward for staking coins;
  • using a token as a tool for tokenizing assets when using the Tokenization Module.

7. Fees for using the Decimal ecosystem.

7.1. The use of the services of the Decimal ecosystem assumes the use of Decimal software (blockchain).The Decimal software algorithm provides for transaction fees on the Decimal blockchain network.

Detailed information about the fees in the Decimal blockchain network is set out on the official website and can be changed by Us unilaterally.

7.2. Your External Account may be charged. Any fees charged by external account providers are not reflected in the transaction screens containing information on applicable rates. You are solely responsible for paying any fees charged by the external account provider.

8. Risk statement

8.1. You acknowledge and agree that you gain access to Decimal ecosystem services and software at your own risk.

8.2. You acknowledge that there are risks associated with the use of the Internet, including, without limitation, failures of hardware, software and Internet connection. You acknowledge that Decimal ecosystem is not responsible for any failures, errors, distortions or delays that may occur.

9. E-mail notification

9.1. When the User accesses some services of the Decimal ecosystem User Authorization Data entered to send orders and notifications to the ecosystem is deemed an appropriate and sufficient method of User Authentication, confirmation of authenticity and integrity of the sent electronic document.

9.2. The User Authorization data is an analogue of a handwritten signature (HSA). We may require the User to switch to management of the Account using enhanced authorization at any time and in its sole discretion.

9.3. The use of HSA in electronic messages sent by the User to the Service has legal consequences similar to the use of his / her handwritten signature.

9.4. In the event of a dispute arising with regard to HSA existence and / or authenticity, the burden of proof lies with the Party who disagrees with HSA existence and / or the authenticity.

119.5. In the event of a dispute arising with regard to the changes introduced to the electronic message after its signature using HSA, the burden of proof lies with the Party claiming that the message has been changed.

9.6. In the event of a dispute arising with regard to the fact of receiving an HSA signed electronic message by one of the Parties, the burden of proof lies with the Party who disagrees with the fact of receiving the HSA signed electronic message.

9.7. In the event of a dispute arising between Parties with regard to the use of HSA, the Service shall use the software that was used at the time of HSA generation to verify HSA and decide on its authenticity. The User has the right to challenge this decision in court.

10. Liability

10.1. We make all reasonable efforts to maintain the ecosystem and software Decimal services in proper condition and ensure their error-free and safe operation. The ecosystem and software Decimal is used without any guarantees, obligations and warranties, express or implied, stipulated by law in respect of software or websites, including their quality, performance, title guarantees, merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. We do not guarantee constant operational readiness and accessibility of the Website and other related software, products, their uninterrupted, timely, secure, error-free operation, as well as integrity, completeness and accuracy of the information transmitted.

10.2. We re not liable towards the User for losses and damages of any kind, resulting from or in connection with use the ecosystem and software Decimal services , even if we have been informed and / or are aware of the possibility of such losses. In particular, we are not responsible for:

  • lost profit (real or foregone), income, any indirect, special, incidental or consequential losses and loss of opportunities;
  • for any collateral, special, indirect or incidental damages;
  • damages to public image and goodwill (both direct and indirect);
  • data integrity violations (both direct and indirect).

10.3. In the event that applicable law does not permit the exclusion of liability for damage or loss, the property liability of Us to the user may not exceed one thousand US dollars.

10.4. The user is solely responsible for the transactions (transactions) that he concludes (makes) using the ecosystem services and Decimal software.

10.5. The user is responsible for the accuracy of information in some cases provided to us and third parties.

10.6. In the event that any third party makes a claim / demand / complaint and / or statement of claim to us resulting from the violation by the User of these Terms of Use, any applicable legislative rules or regulations, rights of any third parties, including, without limitation, causing loss or damage to third parties (due to improper execution of transactions made on the ecosystem website; provision of information in case of interconnection; following a complaint made by the User with respect to other Users or the ecosystem ), the User undertakes to indemnify us against any liability towards such third parties, compensate for costs and losses, make payments with regard to any demands for compensation and cover costs, including legal costs associated with the claim / demand / complaint and / or statement of claim.

11. Force Majeure

11.1. The User understands and agrees that We are not liable and renounce all obligations towards the User in the event of force majeure, including natural calamities, software or other failures, bugs or vulnerability of software and smart contracts, civil unrest, government actions or orders, acts of terrorism or wars, technological changes, as well as changes in monetary conditions.

11.2. In case of impossibility to fulfill obligations hereunder, the Parties hereto shall immediately (in any case, not later than within ten (10) days from the date of occurrence of force majeure) notify the other Party in writing or through the ecosystem website of the fact, as well as of the expected duration and termination of force majeure circumstances and events.

11.3. In case we have been unaware of the ecosystem and software Decimal hacking, despite taking all the necessary and reasonable precautions, we are not responsible towards the Users for any consequences of hacking and losses incurred.

12. Settlement of Disputes

12.1. Applicable law to this Agreement, its conclusion, execution, liability, termination is the law of Singapore.

12.2. Any controversial issues related to these Terms of Use shall be resolved through negotiations.

12.3. If it is impossible to resolve the differences through negotiation, they are resolved using the complaint procedure. If a dispute arises and remains unresolved within sixty (60) business days from the date of receipt of the User’s complaint, any of the Parties may take legal action.

12.4. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved personally between the User and the Company. Collective or any other representative action may not be taken.

Arbitration with a group of persons or arbitration aimed at dispute resolution by a representative of another person or a group of persons are excluded. Additionally, collective or representative action are prohibited both within and outside the jurisdiction of the arbitration court. The same is true about proceedings on behalf of another person or a group of persons.

13. Terms of Use Acceptance Procedure and Validity Period

13.1. To officially accept these Terms of Use, the User shall:

  • review these Terms of Useand visiting and using the site.

13.2. Acceptance of these Terms of Use means full and unconditional acceptance by the User of all conditions without any exceptions and / or restrictions and is equal to concluding a bilateral ecosystem usage agreement in writing.

13.3. These Terms of Use shall come into force from the moment of their acceptance by the User and remain valid until termination of the accession agreement between the User and Us/

13.4. Upon termination of these Terms of Use, the Users and the ecosystem retain responsibility for the obligations incurred during the term of validity.

13.5. These Terms of Use may be amended and / or supplemented by the Service unilaterally without any prior notice. The amended Terms of Use shall be deemed effective immediately after their publication. If you disagree with any amendments hereto, please stop using our ecosystem and contact us to close your account.

13.6. The User represents and warrants that he / she has understood all terms and conditions hereof and has accepted them unconditionally and in full.

13.7. These Terms of Use are open to public.

13.8. Information contained on the Service Website, including information specified in the "White Paper Decimal" does not constitute an offer to the general public.

13.9. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between the Parties and supersede all previous arrangements between the Parties regarding the ecosystem services.

1313.10. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of these Terms of Use does not affect the validity and enforceability of any other of these Terms of Use.

13.11. You may not assign your rights or delegate obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the ecosystem, including by law. We have the right to assign any and all of our rights hereunder, in full or in part, without your prior written consent.

13.12. Using our ecosystem , you may review content provided by third parties, including links to third party web pages (hereinafter referred to as the “Third Party Content”). We do not control, disapprove or accept the Third Party Content and are not responsible for the Third Party Content, including, without limitation, materials that may be misleading, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, obscene or objectionable in any other way. Additionally, your business dealings or correspondence with such third parties shall remain strictly confidential. We are not responsible for loss or damage arising from transactions with third parties. You hereby acknowledge that your use of the Third Party Content and your interactions with third parties is at your own risk.

13.13. We reserve the right to disclose your identity to any third party claiming that any content you post constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or their rights to privacy. We are entitled to remove any of your publications on our website if, in our opinion, it does not meet the content standards set forth in this section.

14. Security

14.1. We use an integrated approach to security, in particular we apply the following security measures (methods).

A detailed description of the methods is provided on the website 

15. Copyright Infringement. Intellectual Property Rights

15.1. No one may copy, reproduce or make available to the public in any other way the content or any part of the content and services of the ecosystem and software Decimal. No one may copy, collect, store, use and / or transmit information (texts, photos, videos, etc.) from the Website or from emails and other messages from Us , if it is not so explicitly allowed.

If any User finds information on the Site that violates the copyright of a third party, he / she should immediately report this to the support service.

We are the sole owner of all rights and interests on the Site and site content.

Sites and site content embody trade secrets and other intellectual property rights protected in accordance with international copyright laws and other laws. All names, proprietary rights and intellectual property rights to the Sites and site content belong to us. All rights claimed in accordance with the Terms are hereby reserved.




You hereby agree to indemnify us (our officers, directors, share holders, members, employees, agents and affiliates) against any liability in relation to: (a) any claims, actions, damages and losses, including compensate for costs, for instance pay reasonable attorney fees arising from or related to your use of our Services; (b) any feedback you provide; (c) your violation of these Terms of Use; (d) your violation of any rights of any other person or entity.