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Peer-to-peer trading, also known as P2P trading, involves direct cryptocurrency transactions between users without the involvement of intermediaries and third parties. Unlike traditional exchanges, buying and selling on a P2P marketplace takes place without charts and market indicators.

In order to provide better liquidity and favorable prices, BIT.TEAM has launched an international P2P merchant program for fiat and cryptocurrency trading users.

If you are looking for a secure way to trade fiat and cryptocurrencies within the community, the user-centric BIT.TEAM P2P platform is for you. It allows you to place trade ads and make P2P transactions with fiat currency to make a profit.

Who are P2P merchants

P2P merchants play a key role in providing liquidity on the BIT.TEAM P2P marketplace. For providing fiat currency, they receive income and additional benefits.

P2P Merchant benefits

The highest level of security in the industry

Every transaction on BIT.TEAM P2P goes through an escrow service to ensure safe and fair trading. As soon as the buyer completes the order, your cryptocurrency will go to a temporary deposit and will be stored there until both parties confirm the successful completion of the transaction. If there are any problems during the transaction, the merchants can file an appeal and our support team will try to help as soon as possible.

Exclusive customer support

If you have any questions or problems related to the BIT.TEAM P2P platform, you can contact the BIT.TEAM support team for personal assistance. Our experts will quickly answer you in the online chat.

Special promotions for merchants

BIT.TEAM P2P regularly launches special promotions with commission discounts exclusively for merchants. Merchants also get access to meetings, events and online webinars of the P2P community.

Custom trading options

BIT.TEAM P2P supports over 300 payment methods, including SEPA, Cash App and bank transfers, and over 70 local fiat currencies. Thus, the platform provides a more personalized trading experience compared to traditional methods such as spot trading.

Advanced ad management

BIT.TEAM P2P merchants have access to more trading tools on the Merchant Portal to better manage ads and trading activities. In addition, verified merchants are provided with the lowest commissions on the market for placing ads - from 0% to 0.35%.

Verification icons

A yellow icon appears next to the nickname of each verified merchant. Verified sellers are more trusted and their ads stand out from those who don't.

Become a BIT.TEAM P2P merchant now

Hint: Do you want to become a P2P merchant? Sign in to your BIT.TEAM account. Complete identity verification and authentication via SMS or email, deposit a certain amount of BUSD to your spot account, and apply for P2P merchant status.

Once you apply and meet all the conditions, our P2P team will contact you within a few days.

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