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BIT.TEAM (Web address, Telegram bitteaminfo) is a multi-service platform for trading cryptocurrencies, built on the Decimal blockchain. According to the developers, it is not just an digital exchange, but an open ecosystem that provides accessible, convenient, and efficient interaction between users and the blockchain. It creates products and services that address various issues relevant to the crypto community.

The main principles of the project, as defined by its founder Anatoly Berdnikov, are intuitive and simple design, and a convenient and secure service.

BIT.TEAM ecosystem

Currently, the BIT.TEAM ecosystem includes the following core components:

Spot trading platform

A cryptocurrency exchange (Web address where digital financial assets can be bought and sold for fiat through instant settlement at the current exchange rate. The fiat balance can be topped up using credit or debit cards in the following currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD. There are no limits on deposits and withdrawals.

The distinctive feature of the BIT.TEAM exchange is its focus on Russian banks and payment systems, including ruble trading pairs. Deposit and withdrawal options include bank cards, Webmoney, Qiwi, online banking, Payeer, Ю-Money, bank transfers, Western Union, and other methods.

P2P exchange

The P2P trading platform (Web address allows users to directly exchange various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT, DEL, BNB, ATOM, and others without intermediaries, or buy/sell them for fiat. The marketplace acts as a guarantee for secure transactions.

NFT marketplace

The NFT store (Web address where users can trade and exchange NFTs created on the DecimalChain platform.

Information services

  • Cryptocurrency market monitor in real-time. On the website, you can view current exchange rates, find out which cryptocurrency is popular today, when Bitcoin will rise, and directly buy or sell BTC, exchanging it for rubles, dollars, or USDT.
  • News service. Regular digests and reviews of the latest events in the market and on the service are published.
  • Tips and guides. Users have access to an extensive reference section that explains the platform's functionality and features of working in the crypto market.

History of BIT.TEAM

BIT.TEAM was developed in 2018 as a P2P exchange and gained trust due to its advanced arbitration system and P2P connections.

In 2019, the P2P service Binance was launched, which became a monopolist thanks to its cryptocurrency exchange, taking away a significant number of users from popular P2P exchanges such as LocalBitcoins, BTCbanker, BitZlato, BitPapa.

For this reason, the BIT.TEAM team decided to develop its own cryptocurrency exchange. The test version of the project started operating in 2021, and in early 2022, it transitioned into a stable version, while the internal token of the BTT exchange entered the listings of CoinPaprika[1] and CoinMarketCap[2].

BIT.TEAM has implemented the CCXT library for convenient use of trading bots. In 2020, an NFT marketplace was added. Currently, over 28,000 NFTs participate in the auction.

Starting from April 17, 2024, users of the exchange have the opportunity to perform all operations with the Russian ruble (RUB) without intermediate exchange stages. The payment gateway is integrated into the ruble withdrawal system. The following trading pairs are available for RUB trading:

The priority direction for the exchange's development is the addition of new fiat pairs.

How the BIT.TEAM P2P marketplace works

The trading functionality on the P2P.BIT.TEAM platform is simple and accessible even for non-specialists, thanks to the large number of detailed instructions available on the project's website here and in our wiki.

Anyone who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency can freely place their offer and conditions on the website or contact another user by responding to their advertisement. Users can see the price set by the counterparty, their limit, preferred payment systems, currency, the seller's rating on the website, and their transaction history.

If the price suits you and you are ready to make a purchase, thanks to a convenient calculator for calculating the currency price to cryptocurrency, you can create an individual offer and send it to the seller.

The platform has implemented a multi-step transaction security system, including various warnings and advice, as well as arbitration. User ratings and multiple verification levels allow choosing the optimal and safest offer on the market.

Procedure for conducting a transaction on the P2P platform BIT.TEAM

  • Offering a deal. The service dashboard displays current offers for the sale of cryptocurrencies. Choose the best conditions and create an order - a transaction request. Once you place a P2P order, the crypto assets will be deposited on Bit.Team P2P.
  • Payment to the seller. Send the money to the seller using the recommended payment methods. Complete the transaction in fiat currency.
  • Receiving the cryptocurrency. Once the seller confirms receipt of the money, the deposited cryptocurrency will be transferred to you.

Spot trading on BIT.TEAM

Following the success of the P2P marketplace, the BIT.TEAM team announced the launch of a spot cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange started operating in January 2022. Initially, cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, and BNB were supported — all of which could be freely exchanged for DEL. Currently, the selection of trading pairs has significantly expanded, and additional trading pairs such as DUSD, OGZ, TON, BTT, UFO, FARMS, and HRPT have become available. In spring 2024, operations with the Russian national currency (deposit, withdrawal, buying, and selling) were implemented without intermediate exchange stages, along with new trading pairs RUB/USDT and RUB/DEL, which significantly increased the convenience and accessibility of the platform for users from Russia and CIS countries. OTC trading is also available — a service for off-exchange trading between clients to conduct transactions.

Users have the opportunity to add their own coin to the exchange listing for free through voting.

BIT.TEAM Spot Terminal is easy to use and suitable even for beginners. The website allows for easy tracking of price dynamics and identifying the best platforms for buying/selling cryptocurrencies. The functions of funding and withdrawing funds from the exchange are conveniently implemented. The low transaction fees set by the exchange are advantageous compared to competitors. VIP clients are offered special contract terms and transaction support.

Advantages of BIT.TEAM

  • Low transaction fees. There are no hidden fees on BIT.TEAM, and the transaction fees are set at 0.2%[3]. Additionally, transaction fees can be paid using the internal utility token BTT, which allows for significant savings on trades. There is a cashback system that allows for up to 70% commission return on trades.
  • Multiple payment methods. P2P exchanges allow sellers to determine their preferred payment method. On BIT.TEAM P2P, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using over 700 payment methods.
  • Price of your choice. Trade cryptocurrencies freely by buying and selling them at desired prices. You can respond to existing offers and create your own trade advertisements, setting your own prices.
  • Privacy protection. Unlike credit cards or bank transfers, P2P exchanges do not collect information about buyers and sellers.
  • Transaction security. The P2P marketplace BIT.TEAM serves as a guarantor of the security of transactions carried out on its platform. The support team promptly resolves any disputes and facilitates arbitration processes.
  • Focus on Russian users. BIT.TEAM stands out from other exchanges in the market by offering spot trading pairs with RUB (Russian Ruble). The team strives to ensure that buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat is comfortable, including for Russian legal entities.

BIT.TEAM referral programs

Becoming a participant in the referral program is quite simple. The partner you refer should make transactions or purchase tokens for you to receive referral bonuses in the form of percentages.

BIT.TEAM offers two types of referral programs:

  1. Bonus for the partner’s token purchase.
  2. Bonus for the transactions conducted by the partner.

In the first case, the rewards are as follows:

  • 1st level — 5 %
  • 2nd level — 3 %
  • 3rd level — 1 %

In the second case:

  • 1st level — 25 % of the service commission
  • 2nd level — 15 % of the service commission
  • 3rd level — 10 % of the service commission

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