Decimal main news

  New videos on Youtube  and TikTok We made a complete guide, to explain step by step, everything about Decimal console. And we also talk about the first children’s cartoon made to teach Bitcoin to kids. Decimal & Makarovsky’s AMA session on Binance Live On Thursday, April 11, a live broadcast with the MAKAROVSKY project … Read more

Decimal’s main news

DEL/RUB on the exchange Since April 3, DEL/RUB trading has been moved from the P2P market to the SPOT trading of the Bit.Team exchange. Now, users can buy and sell DEL coin in the SPOT-terminal in the DEL/RUB trading pair. New videos on Youtube  and TikTok Sam Bankman was sentenced to 25 years in … Read more

Decimal Weekly News Digest

DEL trading volume accounting on CoinMarketCap On exchange, DEL coin trading has been moved from P2P market to SPOT. Now users can trade DEL/RUB in the SPOT terminal. This will allow to take into account the trading volumes of DEL coin on CoinMarketCap. Read more in the CEO Decimal channel. DUSD listing on … Read more

Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02

  Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02 ● For the period of 7 days: + 11,081 transactions; Indicator: +10%. Total transactions: 2 275 192. ● Total validators: 83; 52 online, 31 offline. ● Number of blocks added are: + 107 193; Total blocks: 19,538,975. ● Block reward: … Read more

Decimal’s Weekly Digest of Blockchain News

Hello, community! Today is Friday and February 23rd! Congratulations to all men on this holiday! Peaceful skies above your head and nice health to everyone! And now you are waiting for you – a digest of the passing news of the week! ● AMA-session with CEO Decimal On February 22, there was a live broadcast … Read more

Weekly Digest of Decimal Blockchain News

Hello, community! It’s Friday and you’re in for a treat – a digest of the week’s outgoing news! ● AMA session with Decimal CEO On Thursday, 8th of February on Binance live we had the first live session this year with the CEO of the company – Anatoly Berdnikov. The chosen topic: answers to users’ … Read more

Decimal Digest. 2023 results.

Decimal’s holiday digest of blockchain news for 2023. Hello community! Today we’d like to wish you a happy new year. In this digest, we will celebrate the achievements for 2023. The year 2023 can be called a period of maturity for Decimal blockchain, when the young project found itself in the harsh “adult world”, where … Read more