Updating the markets!

In order to focus on blockchain marketing and maintain the high quality of DEL coin trading – it was decided to remove marketplaces with low liquidity and low trading volume. The DEL/USDT trading pair on the Coinsbit.io exchange will be removed on June 24, 2024. The Decimal team does not see the feasibility of supporting … Read more

Decimal Digest

 AMA session with Decimal CEO  On June 11, there was a live session with Anatoly Berdnikov on Binance live. For the best questions will be paid out 1000 DEL each. As soon as the text of the broadcast is ready, we will publish the best questions.  Wiki Decimal  Decimal Wiki educational encyclopedia is preparing a … Read more

Decimal Weekly News Digest

Hello, community! Today is March 8, Friday and you are waiting for a digest of the week’s news. And, taking this opportunity – congratulations to the beautiful half of humanity on International Women’s Day! 💐 Crypto-ladies in our community are a balm on our soul! Thank you for your beauty and support of menText version … Read more

Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02

  Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02 ● For the period of 7 days: + 11,081 transactions; Indicator: +10%. Total transactions: 2 275 192. ● Total validators: 83; 52 online, 31 offline. ● Number of blocks added are: + 107 193; Total blocks: 19,538,975. ● Block reward: … Read more

Decimal Wiki update

Hello, community! A post for those who are ready to constantly learn and are looking for new information. You know we have an educational platform Wiki Decimal and blockchain documentation  available, right? And many crypto-enthusiasts are helping us build our catalog of knowledge. So, here’s a hasty update on documentation to share with you: ● … Read more

Weekly Digest of Decimal Blockchain News

Hello, community! It’s Friday and you’re in for a treat – a digest of the week’s outgoing news! ● AMA session with Decimal CEO On Thursday, 8th of February on Binance live we had the first live session this year with the CEO of the company – Anatoly Berdnikov. The chosen topic: answers to users’ … Read more

Decimal Digest. 2023 results.

Decimal’s holiday digest of blockchain news for 2023. Hello community! Today we’d like to wish you a happy new year. In this digest, we will celebrate the achievements for 2023. The year 2023 can be called a period of maturity for Decimal blockchain, when the young project found itself in the harsh “adult world”, where … Read more

Digest Decimal. November.

The first day of winter is already today, which means that the long-awaited and favourite holiday is just around the corner. And we have a digest of November, let’s remember the significant events in the life of Decimal and its community. Seed-phrase from Mystery wallet Mystery token was created, which kept a secret. For 24 … Read more