DAO WhitePaper

Previously, on May 8, BSCDaily had already announced the release of DAO Whitepaper in its tweet, which was also discussed today at AMA – Decimal session on Binance. And now, we are ready to present it to you, DAO Whitepaper! Its look is not final, as the document will be improved and actual information will … Read more

Decimal x Atomic Wallet integration

This week we will remember not only the AMA – session on Binance, which is scheduled for 12.05.23, but also other good news. Another big integration with Decimal is on the way. This time we’re talking about Atomic Wallet. It is a convenient, fully anonymous and decentralized service providing cryptocurrency wallets for buying, stealing and … Read more


Hello, community! Coinbase, one of the oldest cryptocurrency marketplaces, founded in the US as far back as 2012, when Bitcoin price was only $14, has added Decimal (DEL) cryptocurrency to the stacking (https://www.coinbase.com/earn/staking/decimal) in its Coinbase Wallet app with an estimated reward rate of 109.69% per year. Many of you know that the U.S. has … Read more

MidjourneyFreeBot is gaining popularity

A month ago, the Decimal team developed and launched @midjourneyfreebot, a free telegram bot that you can use to create your own digital artwork. The bot is based on the original artificial intelligence for generating unique Midjourney images. All you need to do to get started with the bot is to subscribe to our MidJourney … Read more

Decimal x Earn Network

Most of you are waiting for the 12.05.2023 Binance AMA, where Nikita Bogorad will present one of the key documents of the ecosystem – WhitePaper Decimal DAO. And while you are collecting as much DEL on your wallets as possible to exchange them to DDAO, European colleagues from Earn network have launched their decentralized service, … Read more

Digiest. April

A lot of significant events happened during the month for the Decimal team and community. A joint AMA session with Binance was held, the number of subscribers to our Telegram channel is growing, MidjourneyFreeBot was successfully launched and refined, and a big contest was held together with BIT.TEAM. Now it’s time to sum it up. … Read more

Midjourney X Decimal.

Last month, all eyes were on the actively growing rate and the news on the letter from Binance and negotiations with the largest exchange. That’s why we decided not to shift the focus and made a few corrections to our content plan. The article on the promotion of Midjourney artificial intelligence and a free platform … Read more

Decimal х DexCoyote. Integration Announcement

Already felt the thaw? Cryptowinter is going away – charts are turning green, new projects appear, which means new opportunities for cooperation. ⚡️ In addition to the fact that we are waiting for an interview from Bianance representatives, which you can read about in detail in this article, (https://t.me/decimal_en/1745) Decimal is also negotiating with DexCoyote … Read more

Decimal x Binance Labs

On the 16th we informed you that we received a letter from Binance.  The letter said that in case of positive decision we will be contacted within 1-3 business days. And yesterday a Binance Labs representative contacted the team. We will attach a screenshot of the correspondence in our official sources. From the brief information, … Read more

Integrating NFT Decimal & VKontakte

I hope you had enough time to enjoy yesterday’s news about email from Binance. While we are waiting for a reply from them, we got another important message for the project from the administration of social network VK. We are glad to inform you that our company has received a reply from VKontakte about the … Read more

Decimal & Web 3.0. Integrating with thirdweb

Decimal & Web 3.0. Integrating with thirdweb

Regardless of the widespread use of smart contracts, not all users are able to write and run them themselves. Sometimes, a developer may not know the necessary programming language. That’s when special services and platforms designed as a builder for smart contracts come to the rescue, such as thirdweb.  That’s what we’ll talk about next, … Read more

Automatic DEL burning

Automatic DEL burning

This article will explore the coin-burning process in the Decimal blockchain. How has it affected DEL the base token in the network, how does the burning occur on the chain, and who can do it? Read on so you’ll find the answers to the questions (and even more). DEL Supply Before we examine how coin … Read more

DAO and DDAO in Decimal Smart Chain

DAO and DDAO in Decimal Smart Chain

What is a DAO? A DAO is a model of collective management and development of an organisation in which each member has a voting power that correlates with participant’s share of the organisation’s common equity. What is Decimal DAO for? As you may know with the release of DSC, blockchain capabilities have expanded and the … Read more

Staking on Spacebot

Staking on Spacebot

Staking is an eco-friendly, simple and profitable alternative to mining. Also, the positive aspects of staking include a low entry threshold: with a phone and a small amount of money such as a cup of coffee, you can already start mining Decimal (DEL) by staking. Moreover, the great flexibility and the wide range of applications … Read more