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● AMA session with Decimal CEO Announcing a live session with Anatoly Berdnikov on BInance live. On Tuesday, June 11, at 19:00 (MSC) we invite you to the broadcast. For the best questions will be paid 1000 DEL. To send questions, please use the form. The broadcast will be held in Russian. ● Decimal x … Read more

Decimal x Securr 

Decimal x Securr  The integration with the Securr project, a developer of vulnerability detection platforms, has been finalized! Thanks to this collaboration, a Bug Bounty program has been launched that allows users to report vulnerabilities found and improve the security of Decimal’s blockchain project. Why it matters. In today’s digital world, security is a key … Read more

Decimal Digest

 Decimal Wiki  Decimal expands the functionality of the Wiki educational platform and invites coin creators to fill in information about their projects. The Wiki Encyclopedia helps blockchain users to better learn about the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We invite you to register . News from the Decimal development team Decimal is actively preparing the … Read more

Announcement of Decimal & Securr partnership

Announcement of Decimal & Securr partnership Decimal is committed to creating a reliable and secure Web3 interface for the crypto community. The partnership with Securr will allow Decimal users to find possible vulnerabilities in the blockchain and stay in touch with the development team. The integration process is currently underway and will soon launch a … Read more