Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02

  Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period: 26.02 – 03.03 and 19.02 – 25.02 ● For the period of 7 days: + 11,081 transactions; Indicator: +10%. Total transactions: 2 275 192. ● Total validators: 83; 52 online, 31 offline. ● Number of blocks added are: + 107 193; Total blocks: 19,538,975. ● Block reward: … Read more

Vote for the development of Decimal. Vote for changing the tokenomics of DEL

Two weeks ago, we presented a list of initiatives and conducted a test vote in our channel (link), with discussions in the chats continuing unabated. On the agenda is a vote on decisions related to DEL tokenomics. Changing the APR to 36% per year with subsequent annual reduction to 15%, followed by maintaining this level … Read more

Opening of DEL/USDT trading on the MEXC exchange

Yesterday the MEXC exchange announced the listing of Decimal, about which an official post was published, which caused increased interest both among our users and among the users of the exchange. In a few hours, on 06.12.2023 at 16:00 MSC, the DEL/USDT pair will be opened for trading Install the MEXC application, register an account, … Read more

How to create a Decimal smart contract on the BSC blockchain?

How to make a cross-chain swap of a custom coin? 1. On Decimal console, go to the Cross-chain swap section: 2. Make sure that you have a bridge configured between Decimal and Binance blockchains. Use the Cross-chain Instructions. 3. Check that there are some DEL coins on the Decimal wallet account balance and some … Read more

Burning DEL Coins and Issuance

Burning DEL Coins and Issuance

Now we’re going to talk about coin issuance, why this value is so important, and what it’s responsible for. Money issuance is the process of releasing monetary instruments into circulation. In the cryptocurrency industry, issuance is used in the meaning of releasing coins into circulation. There are two types: “current issuance” and ” ending issuance.” … Read more