Voting results

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal – closed today at 10:00 (UTC+3) The results are as follows: ● Comment “Yes”: 1626 ● Comment “No”: 66 ● Comment “Other”: 72 According to the result of the vote – the initiative  proposed by CEO DECIMAL by a majority of votes – is accepted. This means … Read more

Voting is complete

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal is finished. Since 10:00 MSK 15.03.24 all transactions with your votes are not counted. We will start counting the votes. Expect the results today and thank you for your involvement in the Decimal blockchain development process. 📌 You can also count the votes yourself by looking up … Read more

Decimal Weekly News Digest

Hello, community! Today is March 8, Friday and you are waiting for a digest of the week’s news. And, taking this opportunity – congratulations to the beautiful half of humanity on International Women’s Day! 💐 Crypto-ladies in our community are a balm on our soul! Thank you for your beauty and support of menText version … Read more

Decimal Digest

Friday digest is here with you! It’s starting to get cold outside. The first snow is already here in some regions. Let’s try to warm you up with the passing news of the past week. Decimal and Tangem Yesterday, 19 October, Binance live hosted an AMA session in Russian on the topic of safe cryptocurrency … Read more