Integrating NFT Decimal & VKontakte

I hope you had enough time to enjoy yesterday’s news about email from Binance. While we are waiting for a reply from them, we got another important message for the project from the administration of social network VK.

We are glad to inform you that our company has received a reply from VKontakte about the NFT integration. Therefore, we have filled in the proposed form for integration and await further instructions from VKontakte administration.


This is great news not only for Decimal users who have repeatedly asked us about the possibility of integrating NFT, but also for the audience of VKontakte, which at the end of 2022 will reach 77 million people that we can attract through this opportunity.

With Midjourney’s AI integration, which we wrote about [in this article] – there’s every chance to do a global rethink of the NFT industry and restart this market that many had forgotten about during the “crypto winter.” You can follow the progress of this development separately in the @freemidjourney channel, as well as in the blockchain news channel using the hashtag #midjourney.

The #vkontakte hashtag will be used to keep you updated on this collaboration.