Decimal API Update

Thank you for your understanding and support of the project. Team Decimal appreciates your contribution to the blAn update that addresses Decimal’s blockchain infrastructure. Decimal is constantly striving to improve and optimize. And as part of this process, it has decided to move from a monolithic backend architecture that collects, stores and transfers blockchain data to a … Read more

Decimal main news

  New videos on Youtube  and TikTok We made a complete guide, to explain step by step, everything about Decimal console. And we also talk about the first children’s cartoon made to teach Bitcoin to kids. Decimal & Makarovsky’s AMA session on Binance Live On Thursday, April 11, a live broadcast with the MAKAROVSKY project … Read more

Comparative analytics of the Decimal blockchain for the period 18.03 – 24.03 and 11.03 – 17.03:

● For a period of 7 days: + 9,568 transactions; Total transactions: 2,308,200. ● Validator created: SwissCryptoNodes  (commission 5%); 51 online, 34 offline. Total validators: 85. ● The number of blocks added is: + 107,282; Total blocks: 19,860,475. ● Block reward: 1,067 DEL; ● Issue for 7 days: + 98 103 131 DEL. Indicator: +6.7%. … Read more

SCAM exchange on CoinMarketCap

  Blockchain users noticed a suspicious exchange ExMarkets on the crypto aggregator CoinMarketCap, the listing of which was not announced by the Decimal team. Be careful! An up-to-date list of exchanges for DEL trading can be found in the Liquorbase: 🔗 Trade on approved exchanges: ● Exchanges: BIT.TEAM ┊MEXC ┊Coinsbit ┊XT┊TapBit ● DEX exchanges:  Pancake ┊AmpleSwap ● P2P: … Read more

Decimal Weekly News Digest

Decimal’s weekly digest of blockchain news. Voting on Decimal’s CEO initiative has concluded ( The majority voted “Yes”, leading to the adoption of the initiative and planning for changes to the Decimal blockchain tokenomics. Work on this will begin after the expected blockchain migration update at the end of March. Football World project audit ( … Read more

Voting results

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal – closed today at 10:00 (UTC+3) The results are as follows: ● Comment “Yes”: 1626 ● Comment “No”: 66 ● Comment “Other”: 72 According to the result of the vote – the initiative  proposed by CEO DECIMAL by a majority of votes – is accepted. This means … Read more

Voting is complete

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal is finished. Since 10:00 MSK 15.03.24 all transactions with your votes are not counted. We will start counting the votes. Expect the results today and thank you for your involvement in the Decimal blockchain development process. 📌 You can also count the votes yourself by looking up … Read more