Candy’s “sweet” project on the Decimal blockchain

At the end of May, a new MintCandy validator appeared on the DecimalChain network. From the information left in the message, everyone saw that this is an additional validator of Candy project. This fact attracted attention not only of our community users, but also of our team. We took a closer look at this project, read the available information, created products and decided to share it with you. And also tomorrow you can ask questions to the creator of the project at the AMA session. 


After getting acquainted with blockchain Decimal, the founder of the project – Maxim Sereda met his future partner – Anatoly Terentyev, who studied blockchain at the Decimal School Project, where he understood all the subtleties of blockchain. And a team motivation emerged: to start a business. Maxim chose a name for the project that everyone liked. So Candy and its variants appeared, for example MintCandy, which has one of its functions – to reward people in chats. Add an emoji to the message and you get a “mint candy”.


Candy is a digital product ecosystem built on the Decimal blockchain.


The project started with a simple idea – the creation of a gaming bot, under which an affordable token was created so that everyone could play without investing sensitive amounts. The liquid token could be instantly purchased by any user on their own by exchanging it for a DEL coin. There were more and more players. The rating of the project began to grow. Users could not get enough of the bot’s features. And the founder of the project – Maxim Sereda, decided to expand the functionality. At this point the game bot became the foundation for an entire ecosystem of digital products.


During this period a full-fledged team of 6 specialists was formed. The team is headed by an experienced python developer Maxim Sereda with 5 years of experience who had previously worked with blockchain platforms. He was attracted by Decimal because of its ease of use, low commissions, and the ability to quickly solve problems through communication with its creators.


At the beginning of January 2023, full-fledged work began, where the fundamental tasks of the blockchain project have already appeared: white paper, tokenomics, website creation, tokenization of some services, the launch of NFT-statuses. 


The main goal of the project is to simplify the perception of blockchain information through its visualization, standardization and structuring. To achieve this goal, the project team uses the project services in the Decimal Smart Chain network, gamification and telegram bots. In addition, the goals outline the development of the Decimal project, by redeeming and burning coins, creating and improving auxiliary services that extend the functionality of Decimal.


The main token is MINTCANDY (from English “Peppermint”).

 The token was created on October 03, 2022 and has already shown a 422% growth. It is the main tool that allows users to use Candy services.  The current issue of MINTCANDY is 118,917,744,572. See details of the token and its characteristics here (

Also, the team has created 2 validators. Candy is the main validator with a 6% commission and a total steak of 5,321,087 DEL. And MintCandy – additional validator with 2% commission and total steak of 38,839 DEL.

The activities of the project are reflected in the services created. They are divided into several categories:

Game bots, which allow you to distract yourself and pass the time;

Assistant bots, which help with moderation for chat administrators and visualize information of the blockchain network;

Decimal token trading bot.


List of Candy project bots:

@MintCandybot – bot for dropping chats

@CandyAdminBot – admin bot

@CandyBonusBot – bot to attract subscribers to chats

@CandyPayBot – bot of quick money transfer system in Decimal network by QR code

@MintCandyBoxbot – bot allows you to buy a box of goodies – CandyBox 

@CandyNotifyBot – bot allows you to track movement on your favorite coins or addresses.

@candypriced – channel with postings of Decimal network coin price changes

@mintcandyexplorer – channel with posting of Decimal network transaction movement

@MintCandyExplorerNFT – channel with posting of NFT moves of Decimal network

@CandyExplorerCoin – channel with posting of token changes, creation of Decimal network tokens

@CandyExplorerValidator – channel with posting of changes of states for validators on the Decimal network

@CandyMultiSendbot – bot allows you to send Decimal network to multiple wallets at once (multisend)

@CandyCryptoPayBot – bot allows you to buy Decimal tokens for TON or USDT through a bridge

@CandyCalculateBot – bot allows to perform calculations in Decimal network

@CandyTeamGameBot – collection of games in Telegram chats for network tokens (Snails, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Bowling, Football, Basketball, Dice, Darts, Chance)

@CandyLotteryBot – “Friday” – weekly no-lose lottery

@tradedecimalbot – the trading bot provides an opportunity to automate the processes of buying/selling tokens of the Decimal network according to your settings


In addition – the team has introduced NFT-statuses that provide various privileges to their users. For example, they can participate in lotteries, get rewards, have access to closed chats and also give a discount for paying for the project’s services. Read more about all NFT statuses and their privileges here.


One of the project’s goals is to get into the top 10 of DecimalChain blockchain coins. At the moment in the Decimal Project application Candy is in 16th place out of 242 all Decimal tokens, but we are sure that with this approach and passion they will soon break into the top 10 of DecimalChain blockchain coins. 


And for those who want to know more about the project – we invite you to the AMA-session on successful projects and invite the founder of the project – Maxim Sereda as a guest on June 22. Find more information at the official site of the project or in the Telegram-channel: to prepare the questions you can ask at the AMA-session. 


Candy is an exemplary and successful variant of the project built on DecimalChain. We are very happy that our community appreciates the possibilities of Decimal blockchain and launches its business. Of course, the success of a project depends first and foremost on the team’s activity and persistence, and Decimal is happy to provide you with the ability to create your own token and extensive console functionality: checks, NFT, crosschain bridge and other innovative project creation solutions that will help you stay competitive and realize your potential in the digital world.


 Our platform will give you access to numerous features that will give you an edge and help you meet the needs of diverse projects.


Here are just some of the features that Decimal offers:

– Loyalty and bonus systems: incentivize long-term relationships with customers;

– Cashback services: additional benefits for your project;

– User Identification: increase the security and control over your transactions;

– Rights Authentication and Document Authentication: maintain transparency and protect your reputation;

– Supply Chain Tracking: Ensure supply chain integrity;

– Honest algorithms for gambling: fairness and reliability for gaming projects;

– Automatic Contract Execution: Streamline the process of concluding and executing transactions;

– Access to different resources: advanced capabilities for your project;


When you create your project on Decimal’s blockchain, you get advanced blockchain technology to help you succeed and grow with industry trends. Our tools and support will give you the confidence and foundation to realize your most ambitious projects. The Decimal team as well as our chat community are always ready to help and support your idea. You can send your request via the feedback form as well as on social networks. 


See you at the AMA session.