How to create a Decimal smart contract on the BSC blockchain?

How to make a cross-chain swap of a custom coin?

1. On Decimal console, go to the Cross-chain swap section:

2. Make sure that you have a bridge configured between Decimal and Binance blockchains.

Use the Cross-chain Instructions.

3. Check that there are some DEL coins on the Decimal wallet account balance and some BNB coins on the Binance blockchain wallet. The transaction fee will be charged from these two accounts.

4. Choose the custom coin in Decimal and in the Amount field, insert the amount of tokens being transferred.

5. Copy and Insert the Recipient address.

6. Press Create Transfer, confirm the transaction data and press Confirm.

7. Wait until the swap is created and press Ок.

8. Click Complete if the transaction requires confirmation.

9. Confirm that the HASH transactions on two blockchains are successful, pressing the corresponding links:

10. On Decimal browser, wait for Success status

11. On BscScan, wait for Success status:

12. Smart contract of a custom coin is created automatically during the first transfer, and is indicated on the coin page: