Collect the seed phrase of Mystery wallet

Hi, community!
Thanks to your support, in Decimal’s Telegram channel we got the opportunity to publish stories.

We decided to use this opportunity and created a Mystery token that carries a mystery, namely a seed phrase from the prize wallet. For 24 days – we will publish mysteries. Guess them, and collect the words from the seed-phrase.

● One story’s per day (24 days);
● Each video has a riddle;
● The answer to the riddle in English letters – is the password to the cheque, the address of which is published at the same time with the video.
● Repay the cheque which contains 1 Mystery coin.
● Once the cheque is cleared – 1 NFT with ONE word from the Seed-phrase of the prize purse will be sent to the recipient’s address;

🎁 Go to our telegram channel, guess the riddles and collect 24 words to open the Mystery prize wallet!