Decimal 2021 roadmap
20.01.2021 • Просмотров:

Decimal 2021 roadmap

By Decimal

The DecimalChain team has finished the holiday salads and is rushing into the New Year with extraordinary plans!

The first quarter will be devoted to:

▪️Improving the interface of the block browser, coin pages, charts ▪️generally everything that you need and that should be as user-friendly as possible.
▪️Withdrawing the “wrapped” tokens of the Decimal ecosystem to the DEFI market.
▪️Creating business cases
▪️Designing stablecoins
▪️Development of a Desktop version of the wallet with increased usability
▪️Registration and starting a company in the Russian Federation

In the second quarter we are going to:

◽️registration of the Decimal company as an investment platform with utilitarian rights and an information system operator for the issuance of CFA
◽️console improvements
◽️creating payment and transfer gateways
◽️listing on two top exchanges
◽️listing in the rating agencies

The third and the fourth quarter:

▪️expansion and improvement of the capabilities of the API
▪️creating payment and transfer gateways
▪️introduction of a trading robot in the market

Soon we will hold a webinar in order to discuss the roadmap in detail and answer your questions!