Decimal Digest

Friday digest is here with you! It’s starting to get cold outside. The first snow is already here in some regions. Let’s try to warm you up with the passing news of the past week.

Decimal and Tangem
Yesterday, 19 October, Binance live hosted an AMA session in Russian on the topic of safe cryptocurrency storage. The meeting was attended by Decimal’s CEO – Anatoly Berdnikov and Tangem’s Head of Support – Alexander Afanasiev. If you missed the broadcast – we recommend you to familiarise yourself with it. The broadcast has been saved and is available at the link. You can order a Tangem wallet by clicking here.

We give away gifts and post the broadcast recording with timecodes.
Those users who attended the AMA session of Decimal and Tangem – had the opportunity to ask their questions to the invited guests. Today, we have selected the most interesting questions and published a post with prizes, where we also marked the timecodes of all the questions asked. Thank you for being active. Congratulations to the winners!

Open Voice chat at
On the 18th of October, in the former Twitter –, there was a voice chat on the topic of NFT and the DUSD stablecoin. In addition, the topic of web 3.0 about Zealy was raised. The broadcast is in English. Subscribe to Decimal channel on Twitter and join such discussions

Decimal network created 2 new coins: CHESSCOIN (CRR 70%) and OZONCOIN (CRR 30%). We are waiting for project founders at our AMA sessions on Binance Live. Use the application form to sign up.