Decimal Digest

This is Friday digest! Before the rainy days begin — let’s make you happy with the passing news of the past week.

Vacancies Decimal.
Our team will never tire of looking for the best in blockchain and digital. We are expanding our reach into international markets and are looking for strong specialists to join the team.

Decimal in Certik’s Top Projects
Decimal is among the top security projects on Certik with an overall score of 90.30 and a rating of 72. This confirms its high level of security and positions it in the top 10% of blockchains in the world. We thank the community for their support, validators for the stability of the network and partners for their co-operation.

Decimal x Alchemy.
Decimal Blockchain is a new Layer 1 solution based on Alchemy, implemented for WEB3 development. It provides scalable infrastructure and support for smart contracts. Open new WEB3 possibilities with Decimal and Alchemy. Free marketing for your project.

This is the second week we are publishing analytics in a new format. Share how do you like it? In the meantime, let’s share some new projects. 1 new validator has been created: ValidatorSW (10% commission) and 4 new coins are created on the network: ELENACOIN (CRR 20%), NOVOTECH (CRR 30%), SERGEICOIN (CRR 50%), CEEZZEE (CRR 75%).