Decimal Roadmap. Changes to come

Decimal blockchain has been continuously improved throughout the time and currently the goals set by the team have been achieved. But, our ambitions do not allow us to stop at the achieved results and in this article we will share our plans, some of which are already on the roadmap of the project, and some of the plans are likely to be included in the roadmap for the next year.

So, as you may remember – the first DEX was launched on Decimal. While integrating and populating the pools, we noticed an inconvenient process (creating a wrapped EVM token for each liquid Decimal token) and decided to optimize this on the blockchain side. The update will move all tokens to an EVM basis, but will retain the part responsible for algorithmic formulas and staking. In the same update, Decimal NFTs will be moved to EVM basis – this is required for integration with VKontakte, as well as for launching Launchpad and decentralized Marketplace.

🔸 The list of RPC nodes required for integration of decentralized WEB3 solutions with Decimal blockchain has been expanded, now there are 5 of them. This work is necessary because the number of requests for integration increases, and therefore the load on each RPC.

🔸Launched DUSD stablecoin, preparing documentation and liquidity pools on AmpleSwap, at the same time developing a strategy to bring DUSD to centralized markets and aggregators.

🔸The 2nd round of DDAO allocation is completed and works on preparation of documentation and development of the technical part of the DAO are underway. Research is being conducted to select the most successful mechanics and strategies. The voting algorithm is being improved.

🔸The DelSwap team ( continues testing and preparing the DEX base module for launch, which means that by the end of the year Decimal will launch 2 full-fledged decentralized exchanges.

🔸Active work is underway to represent the interests of Decimal community in the legal and business environment of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of this initiative, several companies are already developing CFA/CCP solutions on Decimal blockchain, you can read more in the article.

Important developments remain on the roadmap such as:

🔸Updating Decimal Wallet with expanded functionality

🔸Verification of DRC tokens, management with the help of token owner’s wallet of project data, such as: project website, social networks, description, company news.

🔸Launch of Decimal wallet web extension, which will allow to sign contracts and manage addresses on decentralized applications, similar to MetaMask functionality.

🔸Launch of an algorithmic version of DUSD with liquidity in popular cryptocurrencies. Farming pools, integration with DelSwap.

This is only a part of the team’s plans in the short term, sometimes the team’s priorities may change depending on market needs and other external factors, and the roadmap for the medium and long term will be developed, approved and implemented already within the DAO.