Decimal safety rules

Hello, community!

As the blockchain becomes more recognisable and subscribers increase, attempts by scammers to get hold of your data are also increasing. In Decimal chats, you often see attempts from spam accounts to steer you into fraudulent schemes.

On such an occasion, it’s not unreasonable to remind you how to protect yourself:

🔸 Any questions, team requests or technical queries should be asked only via the support bot: @Decimalchain_support_bot

🔸SEED phrase is a key that cannot be shared with anyone, absolutely. It is never requested by our staff for wallet debugging, ownership verification, or anything else.

🔸SEED-phrase is entered only on the official site and in the wallet downloaded from the official site or from Google Play, AppStore or AppGallery (applications are checked there).
Do not enter the phrase on third-party resources or sites.

⭐️ Be careful and be sure to remember that we do not recommend storing SEED phrases on electronic devices.

🔗 For those new to the Decimal blockchain – we leave you with full details of all the platforms, features and instructions we have. It’s all available in our #Learning for Beginners guide.