Decimal x Dappbay

Hello, community!

This report is done as part of ColLabs, a new initiative from MVB Binance, BNBchain, Binance Labs and contains the results of Decimal and BNB network development.

  • Decimal’s mainnet launch date is September 1, 2020;
  • 2021: 50,000 active addresses, top 4000 CoinMarketCap ranking, 50 algorithmic tokens, 12 validators;
  • 2022: 130,000 active addresses, top 1000 CoinMarketCap ranking 120 algorithmic tokens, 27 validators;
  • 2023 189,000 active addresses, top 250 CoinMarketCap ranking, 313 algorithmic tokens, 52 validators.

As you can see from the statistics between 2021-2022 there was a multiple increase in the number of active addresses in the core network – this is due to the fact that in 2021 Decimal and BNBchain integration module was implemented using CrossChain bridge:

  • 2021: <1000 swaps;
  • 2022: ~2500 swaps;
  • 2023 year: ~4000 swaps.

From 261 algorithmic tokens, CrossChain created 121 contracts in the BSC network, and the number of holders in the BSC network increased 20 times during this period: from 200 to 4,363. The MVB Binance collaboration has realized the following benefits:

Conclusion: thanks to Binance Labs, MVB Binance and BNBchain, the Decimal blockchain saw a 2.5x increase in the number of active addresses on the main network and a x20x increase in the number of holders on the BNBchain network, which helped raise the figure in the CoinMarketCap international ranking from 4000 to 250 positions.