Decimal x Earn Network

Most of you are waiting for the 12.05.2023 Binance AMA, where Nikita Bogorad will present one of the key documents of the ecosystem – WhitePaper Decimal DAO.

And while you are collecting as much DEL on your wallets as possible to exchange them to DDAO, European colleagues from Earn network have launched their decentralized service, which will integrate Decimal stacking capability.

Earn network is a DeFi solution that allows to store, manage and mine PoS/DPoS coins based on BSC, ETH and now Decimal Smart Chain blockchains (will be open until 14.05.2023).

The Earn team consists of 9 experts who have been developing the steking direction for 4 years. Earlier the team designed and developed MyCointainer service, about which we wrote in this article. The service is popular among users from Europe and CIS countries, allows to store, mine and purchase Decimal (DEL) from Visa/MasterCard bank cards. Now the Decimal network is launched among the first on the Earn network.

After the launch of DSC network on Earn Network – we will make for you a full review with all the advantages of decentralized pools from this service.