Decimal x Galxe

Hello community, long time without news of galactic scale?

The Decimal team together with Galxe have been preparing a campaign for you all this time to attract an audience to Decimal’s social networks and to increase the number of DDAO holders, and therefore more decentralization.

What is Galxe? Galxe is a huge as the universe marketing platform, where giants like BNB, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, 1inch are running their campaigns.
Galxe’s audience is nearly 1 million Twitter followers and over 500,000 Discord followers, all of whom take part in brands’ marketing campaigns on the Galxe platform in order to get the word out about a new project and receive welcome rewards on that network.

Together with Galxe, we went through an initial audit and got our own “Space”: After a few successful campaigns, Decimal will move on to the next step – getting a blue tick.

Company terms and conditions are available at the link.

For the Russian-speaking audience we will duplicate with translation:

  • Need to log in via metamask and subscribe to;
  • Add permission for Galxe on the following sites in the profile settings:;;

In the company will become available to click to subscribe and Galxe will automatically check the action.

Your wallet address will then be recorded in the prize list and you will receive 100 wrapped DDAO tokens during the campaign, token stacking is available on the main network, follow these steps:

You will need to convert wDDAO to DDAO via or the Decimal Wallet app:

  • Log in under your Seed Phrase at or Decimal Wallet
  • Go to crosschain
  • Select Ethereum network -> Decimal
  • Enter an amount and click exchange
  • wDDAO is converted to DDAO
  • Go to the delegation section
  • Select a validator from the list
  • Enter the delegation amount of the DDAO token
  • Get a rate of up to 108% APR

🚀 As always, our users will be the first to know the information and have a better chance of getting a reward of 100 DDAO tokens. Only a few Galxe platform users managed to fulfill the conditions of the campaign before the news you are reading and will be rewarded with 100 DDAOs.
Hurry up and claim your prize, if you have any questions – we are always glad to help!