Decimal x Gempad

Hello, community!

Not so long ago the first DEX was launched, namely DEX AmpleSwap. We recommend you to read the article.
Some work, as well as preparation of pools, is partially done, but today we are glad to present you no less important announcement.

According to the Decimal roadmap, after the launch of the first DEX – the next step was planned Launchpad, and the GemPad team, noticing the active development of the community, proposed to integrate Decimal into the list of supported blockchains, including BSC, ETH, ARBI, MATIC.

Gempad is a decentralized Launchpad launched in 2021 provides its users with the ability to access the pre-sale of project tokens and NFTs. With GemPad, 432 successful presales have been conducted so far on 16 represented blockchains. The number of users of the site reaches 150 thousand per month, which will allow projects launched on the basis of Decimal to attract users not only within the community, but also outside it.

What features will be available to Decimal users? GemPad has 21 contracts responsible for tokenization rounds, presales and other activities related to early access to decentralized assets. This means that Decimal projects will be able to attract users, funding and other resources for a successful launch.

Follow the integration progress by hashtags #launchpad #gempad