Decimal x Securr 

Decimal x Securr 

The integration with the Securr project, a developer of vulnerability detection platforms, has been finalized! Thanks to this collaboration, a Bug Bounty program has been launched that allows users to report vulnerabilities found and improve the security of Decimal’s blockchain project.

Why it matters.

In today’s digital world, security is a key aspect of any successful project. Bug Bounty programs attract talent from around the world to help find and fix vulnerabilities before they become a problem. This creates an extra layer of protection and confidence for users.

How will this impact Decimal?

● Increased security: With an active Bug Bounty program, blockchain systems will be more secure from potential threats.

● Transparency and trust: Openness to external auditing and community interaction will increase user trust in the project.

● Quality Improvement: A continuous process of identifying and fixing bugs helps the company improve its technology and services.

The partnership with Securr is an important step towards creating an even more secure and reliable blockchain platform for all Decimal users.

Registration is available at this link .