DecimalChain platform update on 29 June 2022

DecimalChain platform update on 29 June 2022

The latest automatic update includes:

1) Added burning transaction for custom tokens and native DEL tokens.
Under current conditions, we found it necessary and appropriate to add this feature. It is one of the steps that brings us closer to the realization of burning emission through smart contracts, commissions, and other methods;

2) Open cross-chain swap from Decimal to BSC.
Lately we posted news about adding into Binance wallet. As a result, we recover this feature to expand the audience and open doors to new markets;

3) Paying for completing cross-chain swap from BSC to Decimal using Decimal’s service account.
We decided to refund the cost of the swap out of our pocket to make markets enter easier;

4) Editing custom tokens emission’s maximum downward.
We added this feature upon the request of multiple major token creators, so more interesting projects are expected in the future;

5) Setting the accurate date and time of the transaction in the Explorer.
We updated the functions of the explorer;

6) Updating node’s version.
The latest version is 1.3.0.