Decimal’s core network has been added to Tangem

The listing on MEXC exceeded all expectations: the pre-listing hype drove the value of DEL to $0.03 – signaling the coin’s potential. After the launch, within the first hour, trading volume exceeded $200,000 and the market absorbed almost 1,700,000 DELs raised by MEXC users on Kickstarter. At this point, the MEXC market has stabilized and already today the price reached $0.02, and this is most likely due to the following news.

Those who follow Decimal news closely know that usually the introductory part is less significant than the further content, and this news is no exception.

Decimal has been successfully integrated into Tangem!
Open the app, add Decimal’s core network, pull a card from the safe and manage your DELs with a new level of convenience and security. And if you haven’t managed to buy one of the two sets of cards yet, now is the perfect time to order a New Year’s gift for yourself or a loved one, because the Decimal team has extended the validity of the promo code DECIMAL, which allows you to buy Tangem wallets at a discount .

All questions about using Tangem and working with it are answered in a detailed video instruction:

Thank you to Decimal community for your support! There are many more joint achievements ahead, about which news will be released soon.