Digest. August.

Autumn has come, a new time for all crypto holders. 

Let’s summarise the results of the past August together, enjoy reading!

Decimal’s birthday: the big draw and news for the year.

This month was a busy month for Decimal, as it started with its birthday. On August 1, the blockchain turned 3 years old and our team has written a big article with achievements of the last year to celebrate it. We recommend you to read it, maybe you missed something from the innovations. And for all Decimal users we launched a big AirDrop with a lot of winners. You just had to leave a comment with your wallet address. So – if you fulfilled this condition – check your balance, because the draw is already over. Follow our social networks and participate in new drawings, which will be in the nearest future. 


Now let’s tell you about Decimal’s project update – MidJourneyFreeBot, thanks to which we already have more than 30 thousand subscribers in our English-language Telegram chat. Firstly, the project revealed in August that the MidJourney Free team has started the process of training its own model called FreeJourney. GPU power has been purchased and training of the neural network model is in full swing, also the free GPT4 bot will soon be available in the main menu, it is in the final stages of development. Secondly, for those who have DEL coins – can quickly generate for themselves the necessary pictures through the function fast, and those who have not yet started a Decimal wallet – can use the bot for free, waiting for the generation queue. 


Let’s move on to the news of AirDrop updates and opportunities to get your hands on cryptocurrency. The first thing to note. Decimal’s advertising campaign on Galxe platform is gaining momentum. We have released a video instruction where we show you how to fulfil the conditions for subscription in Decimal social network so that you can get 100 DDAO tokens and 10 DEL coins for MidhourneyFreeBot. In addition, 6 new quests appeared on the integrated web 3.0 Zealy platform in August. And already 33 quests are waiting for you to get a new gaming experience and participate in the prize draw. 


Decimal blockchain analytics.

Now to analyse Decimal’s key metrics. Every Monday, we release an overview of the previous week’s data, where you can see what happened in the blockchain over a period of 7 days. And we’ll share the analytics for the month. So, for the month of August, we can note the following. 11 new coins appeared in the network, which means 11 new projects we will hopefully see on the radar very soon. About 1500 new wallets were created in August. And 2 new validators appeared in Decimal, making the blockchain even more scalable, secure and decentralis


Decimal’s achievements on the internet web. 

In August, Decimal had access to the new Binance feed platform, which was provided to us by our big brother Binance. We now have new coverage on the exchange’s huge audience. Also, major decentralised exchange columnist DexWireNews wrote about Decimal and tagged our coin DEL on Twitter and Telegram. And speaking of Twitter, which is x.com. The Decimalchain account has opened a new feature, voice chat, where you can talk about the blockchain and ask your questions. There have been 3 voice meetings already. Join on Wednesdays if you are familiar with conversational English. 


DAO Decimal News.

On 8 August, the second of five rounds of issuance of the DDAO management token was completed. The round lasted 45 days and during this time 360 million DDAOs were redeemed. As of now, the Current price of 1 DDAO = 1.4845 DEL.  Round 3 date will be held in accordance with the DAO roadmap, which, by the way, will be modernised in the near future. CEO – Anatoly Berdnikov has indicated that he will be discussing some issues with our community. So, if you are not subscribed to our Telegram chat – go to it and participate in discussions that change the fate of the blockchain, because Decimal is gradually changing the form of company management to a decentralised autonomous organisation, where DDAO token holders will vote for further steps in the development of the blockchain.


Decimal on Binance Live.

At the beginning of the summer, we launched airings on binance live with founders of projects that are built on Decimal. You probably attended them or saw them in the news. Well, the holiday season is over and we’re ready to continue introducing you to the teams that have created tokens on our blockchain, the ideas that have gone into the projects, and the products these entrepreneurs have created. In August, we published a post with an application form that we will be able to invite you to a live stream on Binance live, where you can tell our community about your business and get new interested users. More than 30 thousand views are already available. We are waiting for the next guests.


Decimal’s roadmap. Changes to come.

The Decimal team is not going to rest on its laurels and continues to improve its blockchain system. Plans include moving tokens to EVM basis for integration with VKontakte and launching Launchpad and decentralised Marketplace, as well as updating Decimal Wallet and launching an algorithmic version of DUSD with liquidity in popular cryptocurrencies. The team also actively represents the interests of the Decimal community in the legal and business environment of the Russian Federation. In general, Decimal continues to develop and expand its capabilities. 


We wish you to launch the beginning of autumn as efficiently as we did the hot August! Follow our official social media platforms and we will keep you updated with all the latest news!