Digest Decimal

Prepared for you Friday’s digest of outgoing news from last week.

Chasing the seed phrase of Mystery wallet
Today is the 5th day of watching video riddles in the stories of our telegram channel. Each day a new riddle, the answer to which is the password to the enclosed check. Activate the check first and get 1 word from the initial riddle phrase into the NFT Riddles prize purse. Collect 24 words and be entered into the final drawing.

We invite guests!
Do you want to talk about your project, which will be heard and seen not only by Decimal users, but also by viewers on Binance? Then you will need this form, in which you need to answer a few questions, and then we will contact you to clarify the time of the broadcast! We’re looking forward to a new AMA session next week, don’t miss it.

Decimal network created 3 new coins: MAGNITCOIN (CRR 45%), CVRGOLD (CRR 81%), USDUSDD (CRR 45%).