Digest Decimal

Here’s Friday’s digest! Car owners – have you gotten your shoes on yet? It’s about time. Mostly snow and minus temperatures everywhere. So, we will try to warm you up with the passing news of the past week.

Birthday of CEO Decimal
On October 24, our community celebrated the birthday of Decimal CEO – Anatoly Berdnikov, a man who united people with diverse interests all over the world with his ideas. In honor of this event – a collection of rare and unique Decimal merch was released, a certificate of each item will be sent to the winner’s address in the form of NFT, and the item itself will be delivered by a shipping company. Everyone who left a wallet address and a wish for Anatoly will be honored.

● Zealy sprint
This week at X.com we hosted a broadcast on the WEB3.0 project Zealy. shared with you a list of leaders who have successfully completed the quests. Also, talked to you and answered your questions. Thank you for the broadcast. Follow on Twitter and join the broadcasts.

Decimal network created 2 new coins: ARCTICSTAR (CRR 75%), LEVELUP (CRR 99%). We are waiting for project founders at our AMA sessions on Binance Live. Use the application form.