The first month of summer is over, tell us how you spent it, and in the meantime we have prepared for you the digest of the month. There were a lot of events, we refused the integration with Atomic Wallet, because they were hacked. Had several AMA sessions with Anatoly Berdnikov and Nikita Bogorad on Binance Live. CertiK audited Decimal and we ranked 158th among all blockchains in the world. The second round of DAO distribution token was launched.

Let’s summarize the results of this past June together, enjoy reading!


Second round of DDAO control token

The second round of the DDAO control token release has been successfully implemented and is still gaining momentum.

The Decimal DAO control token (https://t.me/decimal_ru/2245) is an algorithmic coin built in the Decimal system. The token has a reserve from the native Del token, as well as the CRR parameter, which affects the price change when exchanging DEL token for DDAO according to Decimal blockchain rules. A total of 5 rounds of 200 million token issuance are planned, and the DDAO to DEL reverse exchange via Decimal will not be possible until the end of the fifth round of issuance. Dates for the remaining 4 rounds will occur as the DAO roadmap is implemented.

Link to the DDAO network transaction here: https://explorer.decimalchain.ru/coins/ddao

Decimal on Binance Live is gaining momentum

Several AMA – sessions with Anatoly Berdnikov and Nikita Bogorod were held during the month, and a new format was launched that looks at tokenized successful prokes on the Decimal blockchain. In live broadcasts we talked about the past security audit of Decimal by CertiK and the parameters by which our blockchain was evaluated, about the Candy “Sweet” project with Maxim Sereda, talked about the updated documentation and announced, and then launched, the second round of the DDAO control token.

In order not to miss the live broadcasts and keep up to date with all the latest news, subscribe to Decimal on Binance Live.

Decimal security audit by CertiK

An important step for Decimal was a security audit from CertiK, as CertiK is a clear leader in blockchain security, sophisticated technical audits and contract analysis.
As a part of our cooperation with Binance, CertiK audited Decimal and as a result the blockchain was assigned an AA security certificate with 87.01 points, which, based on a combination of factors, allows Decimal to rank 158th among all the blockchains in the world, in addition the corresponding badge on CoinMarketCap, you can read the audit itself and the observations found within it here

CertiK rating is based on the following parameters: Code Security, Fundamental Health, Operational Resilience, Community Trust, Governance Strength, Market Stability.

We would like to remind you that CertiK places Decimal in the top 5% of the safest blockchains in the world, thanks to your efforts! Without our users, we wouldn’t have had the motivation to develop the project, overcome difficulties and achieve new goals.

“Candy” project.

This month we made a pilot broadcast of Candy project with our founder Maxim Sereda. We recommend watching the broadcast to learn about a successfully tokenized business. Candy is an ecosystem of telegram bots that simplify interaction with Decimal’s blockchain and allow for transaction monitoring right in the messenger, and the platform also offers solutions to simplify telegram chatting. You can read about the functionality of the 17 available bots in an article about Candy and ether recording on Binance Live.

Security first

On June 02, Atomic Wallet suffered a hack that resulted in the loss of at least $10 million in user funds. Many users are reporting a total loss of their digital assets, with the total damage exceeding $35 million. Atomic Wallet’s development team said they are trying to figure out the cause of the exploit and will share all information about the investigation on Twitter, but for now the underlying cause remains unknown.

Decimal focuses on security and adheres to decentralization standards. Decimal Wallet provides direct end-user interaction with the blockchain without processing or saving the Seed phrase.

MAINNET auto-update.

On June 27, Mainnet successfully underwent an auto-update.

The following changes were implemented as part of this auto-update:

Fixed Reward bugs: after a network restart as a result of EVM implementation, the epoch reward was static. The calculation of the reward is now dynamic, taking into account the update transactions with the recovery of the periods associated with the issuance. The issue has been restored, and its current value is 698.

Change in the number of available envelopes – previously, the number of envelopes was limited to 7 transactions within 30 days. Due to the update, this has been increased to 30.



BIT.TEAM – Rules Update

We have tested the work of all the mechanisms and completely redesigned the system. On June 20, the update was released and I think many active traders have already noticed the improvements.

The updated rules are designed to make the market more free and fair to all participants, reduce the influence of the monopoly of the big players and equalize the chances of everyone. To this end, the following changes have been introduced:

Reduced the coefficient of influence of ad age and timestamp of the last editing of the ad on the position in extradition. Now a user with a new ad after 72 hours will be directly sorted by price (use the link to the rates of CMC, Binance, CG in order not to get penalized and always have the current price);

The rules of protection against default deals have been added. Now, when you have 2-3-5 transactions at the same time, you can choose one, and the cancellation of the rest will not lead to penalties and lowering the rating;

We have removed additional checks and reduced influence of user rating, account status, % of successful deals on the position in the results list.


We wish you to spend July as effectively as we spent June. Follow our official sites on social networks, and we’ll keep you posted on all the latest news!