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Wiki Decimal
The educational platform continues to expand its functionality. New authors and new articles are appearing on Wiki Decimal. We invite you to register as well.

Decimal Services Optimization
Decimal is improving the performance of its services: scaling the infrastructure, disabling support for old requests and strengthening monitoring. The old API for transaction and rewards data will be unavailable soon, migration to the new API is recommended.

AirDrop Galxe
There are 3 AirDrop Galxe promo site active. We invite you to participate to get your nice bonus.

New videos on Youtube  and TikTok 
How Blockchains will revolutionize the global economy? We made a video explaining this… 
And did you know that FOX studios produced a TV series using interactive NFTs? 

Results of NOVOSELKA audit and launch of “INVESTERIUM” audit by DDAPPS 
The NOVOSELKA project has been audited by DDAPPS and the company’s products receive an average trust score of 56.53; overall rating B.
The audit of INVESTERIUM project has also been launched. The products to be evaluated are Validators and Business. Details in the DDApps channel.

1 new coin has been created: STATHAM (CRR 55%). Total tokens 379. New wallets: +132. Total validators: 84.