FAST generation for $DEL

Important news from the development team.

The bot @midjourneyfreebot, which literally for a few months became popular among users from all over the world and currently has MAU – 40,000 users, received an important update and now all users of the bot became available Decimal functionality in Telegram.

Since the moment of the update, a day has passed and the new feature has already been used 57 times, 334 users have received addresses, and the total balance of the bot has already amounted to 376 coins.
In our opinion, the ideal result of conversion will be 5% of the service audience, i.e. 2000 active Decimal users per month. We will keep you updated on the statistics.

In honor of the launch of this feature, we have created a campaign on the already known to you marketing service Galxe, where each participant will receive 10 DEL on the balance @midjourneyfreebot.
All you need to do is to follow a series of simple actions in Decimal social networks.