Friday’s Digest!

✨ Hello, community!

Today is Friday, the penultimate week of June is coming to an end. Have a great weekend, and now we’ll sum up the results of the week. Friday’s Digest!

🔸 Candy on the road with Decimal
On June 22 we held our first AMA session in a new format, where we are going to look at tokenized successful projects on the Decimal blockchain. The first guest will be Maxim Sereda and his project Candy. Watch the recording here:

🍭 Sweet Project
Also, to learn more about “Candy” project and advantages of creating projects on Decimal blockchain, we prepared for you a longread about Candy for the already held AMA session with Maxim Sereda. Read it here:…

🚀 New additions
There are 3 new validators: ChinaValidator, GrandCode and Liberty Traffic Bot. Also, 4 new tokens were registered in the network: MAGMIND, MJTCATSBAL, SBERCOIN, MIKHALYCH.

✨ Rules update
Updated the rules, which are designed to make the market more free and fair to all participants, reduce the influence of the monopoly of big players equaling the chances of everyone.

🔥 Apart from the previous news, there is more great news tomorrow that you will definitely like.